1. N

    Legacy GM When this, skip the next ?

    Hi. I have a quick question, this is my code: if (!place_meeting(x+sign(hsp),y-8,par_ground) && !place_meeting(x+sign(hsp),y-8,obj_pipe)) { with (obj_oneway) { if (place_meeting(x-sign(other.hsp),y+8,other)) { if !(bbox_top > other.bbox_bottom) {...
  2. N

    Skip when moving

    Hi im following this tutorial on youtube, but when my character drops to the ground. it skips along the floor. and some times it get stuck in the wall. and when i hit a wall i skip again. anyone have a solution?
  3. L

    Asset - Extension Lerner FPS

    Do you experience slowdowns in your games? Do you run out of solutions to optimize your framerate? Lerner FPS gives you some air, by providing a whopping 50% performance increase! With one call to the lfps_step() function in the Step event, your game will automatically skip frames when the FPS...
  4. sercan

    Missing touches at room changes

    Hi everyone, I think i am getting really mad of this problem but i have no idea what may cause this. I have an object called char, in global mouse left press event; gravity=0,5; vspeed=-7; so it jumps when i tap screen. At some points of game char jumps to another room depends on game...
  5. sercan

    Skipping step when changing rooms

    Hi, I have more than 10 rooms in my game. main character is set as persistant. it jumps when touching the screen. but somehow, sometimes it skips jumping. i don't know why. It looks like it more happens when changing rooms. any idea please?
  6. icuurd12b42

    Asset - Objects TMC Frame Skip

    TMC Frame Skip Outputs: All Type: Object Included: Object and demo resources Demo: Windows Demo Demo is v1.0.2... v2.0.0 is different. will update later Marketplace: https://marketplace..../tmc-frame-skip Description: TMC Frame Skip Smooth Frame Skipping Object Adds frame skipping to...