1. Reddoka

    Don't know how to deal with sprite animation :(((

    I want my animation doesn't loop so I can add the transition after it, but here's everything I can thing about, and of course, it doesn't work if skeleton_animation_get_frames(sprite22) = 10 { image_speed = 0; Slidetrans(TRANS_MODE.GOTO, room3); } else { image_speed = 1 } I'm...
  2. Posho

    Skeletal Animation with SWF

    Hello, I've been making some animations using Spine that have been working fine on GameMaker, but due to the large amount of textures the project size is starting to get a bit heavy, specially considering it's for a mobile game. All of my animations' textures were done in Flash and the...
  3. mbeytekin

    Skeleton World Rotation to Local Rotation conversion

    I'm searching for this for a while but I couldn't do yet. In original Spine Runtime there are some functions to do this.But I can't do with gamemaker. I want to make some procedural animations like exploding bodies etc. I have a standart human skeleton. I calculate virtual points for each bone ...
  4. Deadly Serious Media

    GMS 2 Spine 2D Animations Not Changing

    So I'm trying to use Spine 2D to get my characters looking more alive and I've come up against an issue early on. I have 2 animations to start -idle -idleback GM2 will let me change from idle to idleback but won't change back to idle. Here is the create code: skeleton_skin_set("Brian")...
  5. Didjynn

    Question - IDE skeleton ingame broken since the update

    Hello everyone, I made some animations on spine 2 month ago and they were workin fine as skeleton in gamemaker. But since the last update it looks like this ingame even if the sprite imported look fine in the viewer : I exported them again to see if it could fix it (so new export from...
  6. R

    Changing images in Spine, but images does not loop with the skeleton animation

    So it's my first time using skeleton_animation. In my spine animation, my sprite changes image to make the animation more alive. However, once the image changed it never goes back when it loops. The skeleton is showing the last image and it never change back. The skeleton amimation loops as it...
  7. loi777

    GMS 2 (bad thread, already solved) Fliping xscale or the direction.

    like the title say, I'm not sure how or what is the best way to flip the sprite + the animation to diferent directions. (if this is already adressed in the manual sorry)
  8. V

    Question - Code skeleton_collision_draw_set() doesnt work!

    were trying to use spine animations in our project. one of the built in functions that gamemaker has built in is the draw_skeleton_collision which is supposed to draw the bounding box from spine. HOWEVER, in the step event it does nothing, in the Draw event it just makes the character...
  9. W

     No Clue

    Here's some art I've just whipped up using Inkscape, and I'm beginning to work on a game with it. I'm looking for some feedback on the characters :) Let me know what you like and would like to see changed. What will the game be named? No Clue. I'll try to post updates for you guys as well.
  10. jf_knight

    GML normal maps to JSON skeleton

    What is the skeleton equivalent to "sprite_get_uvs" and " sprite_get_texture"? I'm trying to apply some normal maps shaders to a JSON skeleton made from Spine, though I'm having some trouble translating functions. Here's a piece of script code. It is what it would look like if it were a normal...
  11. R

    HTML5 Spine issues in HTML5

    Hello! I'm having a game-breaking bug while playing Spine animations with HTML5 set as platform. Spine animation changes don't seem to register. My code uses skeleton_animation_set_ext() which freezes the graphics while skeleton_animation_set() doesn't seem to do anything, leaving the initial...