1. zendraw

    Graphics Graphics size and scaling

    i have a problem im not sure how to handle, i want to make a more hi res sprites for a game butif i scale them down thru view port theyr quality gets destroyed. basicly its 8x8 plane where each tile i want to make 256x256 so it ends up 2048x2048, yeah but when i squeeze that in a view quality...
  2. sinigrimi

    GMS 2 sprite sizes = performance?

    Hello! The question is about the size of sprites, how big can they be done without losing a lot of performance? I tried pixelart and this is definitely not enough to realize my intentions, but I don’t feel like making a game exclusively for powerful PCs. Share your experience, please
  3. Carloskhard

    GML Change resolution of VM while testing

    So I wanted to test my android game in different resolutions and see how my system for scaling works, however when I was testing I saw that changing the size of the emulation window doesn't change "display_get_...", while doing this in another new proyect it works(It changes the display size). I...
  4. M

    Android / Amazon Fire Check file size

    Hi. I would like to know if there is any way to check if a file size is more than certain kb. In this case, I want to check if the following file size is more than 50kb: working_directory+"/folder/test.jpg" Someone knows? Thank you in advance. Mataca
  5. RizbIT

    fit font into a circle

    Can the size of a font be dynamically or programaticaly be changed during runtime to fit a variable string into a set sized circle or square?
  6. IzzoriousAxel

    GMS 2 [Solved] Unable to set window size

    IDE Version: GameMaker Studio Current Runtime: Windows 10 Home x86_64 When I try to set the window/surface size in GML or the first room's active viewport, the window turns out a bit more than half the size I put in, but window_get_width/height return the correct sizes. If...
  7. etbunce

    Android / Amazon Fire [SOLVED] Viewport Unwantedly Stretching to Fill Screen

    Hey y'all, Just trying to change the viewport size to maintain correct aspect ratio with the camera and leave some space for GUI elements, but the view always stretches to fill the whole screen, no matter the size. That's undesired. I don't want to maintain a fixed aspect ratio for the game...
  8. Architheutis

    Wide-Ranging-Backgrounds and their resolution-problems

    Hi there. I´m just developing my first game, that is aiming on android/iOS-gaming. I set up the levels on a world-size of 9000 x 1080 px. The viewport-camera-size is currently set on 1280 x 800 px. I put four background-layers for parallaxing effects - they do work! Unfortunately the imported...
  9. KorbohneD

    GMS 2 Biggest Array in terms of declaration

    Heyo, i have a bit of a weird question. For Loading purposes, I need an array that might get pretty big. But not in terms of size, but in terms of declared variables. To give you an example, one single entity of the array might look like this: entry[2195343331] = 4 This doesn't mean, I have...
  10. BlueBird02

    GMS 2 Resizing a sprite's talking animation

    Hey, I was just listening to this video I was just following her orders when my character's talking sprite is too big But I found out the smaller the blue dog's sprite is, the closer the textbox would connect to the textbox. But I can't make the square sprite box thing any smaller. Her...
  11. S

    How to Open a Bigger sized Window or viewport from one room to the next

    How do I open a bigger sized window (viewport) from one room to the next? For instance, if the first room's (the main menu's) viewport is 1500 by 1500, and you clicked "Start Game" (which takes you to another room) the next room is still 1500 by 1500, even though I set its viewport to 1500 by...

    Legacy GM Sizing issue! please help ASAP!

    hey y'all. just wondering if you guys could help me with a problem i am experiencing in my game. when i play my game and go into the windowed version (not full screen) my level on the side of the room is too darn big! heres the code... CREATE: /// stats level = 1; expr = 0; maxexpr = 2...
  13. B

    Image size

    Hi there! I have a really noob question. I want to make a game for iPad, iPhone and for PC. Which image/room size should I use? If I create the game in iPad pro res (2732 x 2048), gamemaker resize it for the other screens? If it resize, does it will be blurry, or it’s will be ok?
  14. A

    Trouble with changing game window size

    So I have different rooms and for each room specific viewports. Viewports are enabled of course. One of them is a big room (3840x2160) with a camera and viewport of 1920*1080, because I want to play it fullscreen. But it doesn't changes when I go in this room. Actually I see no way to...
  15. manouijpelaar

    How to change the size of sprites

    I am not very experienced with gms 2 and I am still a beginner. Lately I have made a design on paper and imported it in gms 2 so I could animate my design. It was a normal picture made with my phone, but it had a width of 4032 and a height of 3024. Know my sprite is way to big and I don't...
  16. Consuming Octorocks

    GMS 2 Help with smooth camera zoom perhaps?

    So I'm not every good with math (at all) and im trying to get a gentle zoom with my camera system. Basically its a 2D platformer and whenever I go into a large room (like a boss fight or something of that nature) I need the camera to zoom out. I already have a pretty good camera system set up...
  17. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Expanding a room's size from the center using code?

    Increasing (or decreasing) the size of a room using code is simple, you just say "room_width += 512;", and the right side of the room will be expanded by 512 pixels. What I wondering is if it's possible or not to have it expand the width of the room from the center, meaning instead of adding 512...
  18. COWCAT

    Shader - Getting the texture size of texture2D?

    For my game, I'm using a shader to do a "magnifying glass" effect on the screen. It works perfect on all environments (Windows, PS4, Vita, iOS...) EXCEPT some Android phones. I've spent time to understand why, and it seems the "actually used" texture size for "gm_BaseTexture" varies...
  19. N

    Question - IDE GMS 2 Interface and Resource Tree font size

    Hi everyone this is my first post. Its something simple and I hopes there is a solution. How do I Change the Size of the letters from the interface or at least from the resource tree? they are too small in my opinion and it's pretty bad to everyone's sight to be looking at things that are that...
  20. T

    Android / Amazon Fire How to pick the right room size for Smartphones?

    Hello, I want to start looking into Android Game making with GMS2. In case I want o create my game for landscape modus, how should I determine which width and height I should use for my rooms, so it does match on all (or most) devices (smartphone and maybe tablets)? Thank you in advance for...