1. Lightning Gravity

    Windows Single RPG Making List Just To Sell To Make A Lot More Money - [WIP]

    Hi I am Alan Chan and I am the owner of the Lightning Gravity gaming company. I am uncertainly kind of behind my own working schedule base on because the COVID-19 was lasting way too long very boring at my own house to keep on focusing into my own working field. So far I am creating my own 2nd...
  2. DarthTenebris

    Linux Export to AppImage Option

    Hello everybody, I recently started to tinker around with the Ubuntu export option, and noticed it only exports .zip files. Is there any way I can convert it into a single .AppImage package, similar to the single executable .exe export option from GMS1.4? Thank you for your time.
  3. L

    Get the ID of a single tile in a tileset

    Ahoi hoi comrades. I make a Game where you can interact a bit with your enviroment and so i want a Tileset that destroys its single components at impact. bit with all the "layer_tilemap" functions i can just change all of the tiles in the tileset. Is there a possibility to change single tiles in...
  4. XirmiX

    GML Is it better for run-time to have multiple objects or a single object with multiple states?

    Lets say you want to have different types of projectiles for different weapons. Would it be wiser for better fps to have an object for each projectile type or have the projectile be a single object that has different types?
  5. P

    Single animation cyclus

    Hi all :) I was wondering what the best way to make a single animation cyclus is. Explaind: I have a character with a sword, every time i press space i want to show the "attack" animation ones.. I hope someone can help me with this struggle ^^