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  1. T

    Android Office Boss Tycoon

    Office Boss Tycoon Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thedgames.officebosstycoon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Office-Boss-Tycoon-101385481895466 Office Boss Tycoon is an office simulator io game in which you are the boss. Have you ever wanted to taake...
  2. M

    Android Transport Luck tycoon

    Transport Luck tycoon Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MagicHero_games.Transport_luck Show due perseverance to build your own road corporation, develop the local economy and make a fortune. To become the best, you need to pay attention to all aspects of...
  3. Q

    iOS Included Files

    Hi! I used the versiond of IDE with current runtime to build an IOS application. All included files in test projects were in one group (A, f.e.), and there is one inner group (B) in it, that contains the files too. When i build it, i've got some strange behaviour - all files...
  4. Mana

    Windows Farm simulator

    Yoo Saturday update. Well this one is really simple. All I did this week was training the tree sprite when I got some time avaiable. I assume I procastinated at the beginning of the week XD But I did't have much time since hm.. Wednesday. I can't post images since I can't use the computer (I'm...
  5. D

    iOS Xcode simulators running slow?

    My game runs beautifully on my iPhone 6s, at around 60 fps. But whenever I run the game on an Xcode simulator, the game runs super slow - about half speed or less. Is this normal, or should they be able to run the game smoothly? My game does do quite a bit of surface drawing/clearing, changing...
  6. T

    GMS 2 Is GameMaker capable of doing what I want?

    Dear community, I have only played with some basic code and so my understanding of what I am asking for is somewhat limited. However, I will describe what I want and it would be awesome if anyone can tell me : A) the exact wording required to ask what I am asking, so that I can better search...
  7. Flashpants

    Alpha Honey, I Joined a Cult

    About Honey, I Joined a Cult is a top-down management style game where you aim to create and run and your own 1970s cult. Summary There’s lots you need to do to make your cult work: attract new followers and keep them indoctrinated, hire full time staff to take care of the day-to-day running...
  8. D

    Evolution Simulators + Got My Own Website :D

    Hey Everyone, As part of an IT assignment for school, I have to find a client and develop software for them. I decided to contact my Biology teacher and ask if I could make her something to aid her teaching evolution and genetics. We talked a bit and now I've got two demo projects that I'm...
  9. G

    GM Submarine v0.8

    My submarine simulator. Info: Download link(3MB) Youtube video gameplay link
  10. A

    A Consumer's Guide to Insanity

    A CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO INSANITY --------------------------------------------------------- Inspiration We live in a society where most of the stuff we buy has the potential to help shape our individual identities. We wear and own the things we do as a way of giving people a glimpse of who...
  11. camerakid

    Beta Bus Tycoon ND (Night and Day) Steam Greenlight

    Hey Everyone, Let me share a few screenshots of my next upcoming game. The players task is to buy new buses and create routes between cites and generate revenue to buy fuel and buy new bus models. Please SUPPORT me on my Steam Greenlight voting! Bus Tycoon ND Greenlight Bus Tycoon Video...
  12. L

    Android Soccer Of Legends

    Hello, I finished my first game for Android: Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LEOsoft.ClickerSoccer Video: Soccer Legends of the newest Google Play football Manager, inspired by New Star Soccer and brasfoot. - 3 leagues (Brazilian, English and Spanish) with 4...
  13. camerakid

    Released The Terminal 2 showcase - isometric airport manager

    Hey Guys, Check out my Game Maker: Studio game I am most proud of The Terminal 2. I have been working on this game for years and it is out for most platforms already. We are working hard to bring all our fans The Terminal 3 that is under development and coming later in 2016. You-Tube Promo...