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  1. J

    Alpha BossMan: A Management Survival Game - Have a Video!

    Hey everybody, I'd like to share with you a game that I've been working on. You can download on GameJolt or Itch.io. The current build is 0.6.56. You can also find a more complete description with controls and such, as well as some attempt at a devlog. It's called BossMan, and it's a 2-d...
  2. M

    Free SAM Commander Arena

    Dear GameMaker developers, I'm an indie developer who has just released his first game: SAM Commander Arena. The game is a unique action-simulator of a SAM (surface-to-air missile) launcher featuring an intuitive and simple control interface. In multiple scenarios, you will be defending cities...
  3. J

    Windows [UPDATES] DLL Example - CityGm

    Follow the development: https://www.facebook.com/SimCitySNESClone/ Hey GM community. I don't post often on the community, but I've been working with game maker for over 15 years and in the last year I've started a computer science degree through Oregon State University. Probably like you I...
  4. R

    Alpha Terminal Dominions - Frontier Sim in Space

    Latest Alpha version can be found here: Itch.io Link (Unzip to its own folder and run the executable) Follow me on Twitter for updates. Devblog slash changelogs found here. Hello GMC! I haven't really posted much here in a while, but on my last project I remember getting some great feedback...
  5. H

    Demo Fish AI

    A long time ago, AI was incredibly underwhelming. In particular, fish in video games generally couldn't sense when other objects were nearby. This all changed in November 2013 when COD: Ghosts stunned the world with its revolutionary fish AI. Infinity Ward had done something no game studio had...
  6. D

    Android Harvest Master: Farm Sim [Free/Paid]

    Hiya! I'm a long-time user of Game Maker and just a couple of months ago finished a game inspired by Harvest Moon. Just recently I decided to make an ad-supported for free with only a few limitations. My game is on Android and I'm currently trying to get it onto Steam. Harvest Master: Farm Sim...
  7. Repix

    Windows SimpleFish

    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hut2ss7sl01ubu/SimpleFish.zip?dl=0 Current Version: 0.13 File Extension: ZIP Size: 2.5MB You probably have to be extremely bored to play this.. So just save this one ;)
  8. D

    Legacy GM AI: Modeling imperfection

    Some quick background: I'm developing a game with one of the emphasis of design being sophisticated AI. Currently I have a simple ecosystem modeled on a map that is 120 cells by 120 cells. Each cell represents 1 meter or roughly three feet. In this map I have a randomized procgen terrain...
  9. D

    Android How to simulate mouse click?

    Hello everyone! How to make a simulation of mouse click? Can be possible it? I have been read about JS extensions, but i'm very bad on it (don't know nothing in JavaScripts). Google gave me old DLL. Thx for spending your time :)
  10. C

    Steam OESE - Space Survival Game

    STEAM LINK http://store.steampowered.com/app/485600 OESE is about your little ship, traveling alone through space trying to survive as best as it can to find a new home. Along the journey you come across different encounters with different outcomes depending on your decision. You can either try...