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    Help with port Perlin Noise Shader form ShaderToy

    Hi! I want make cool noise effect which will combined with dynamic light. I found this GLSL shader: And trying to adapt it into GMS2 shader. The rewrite part of fragment shader looks like this: // // Simple passthrough fragment shader // varying vec2...
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    Asset - Project Ultimate Platformer Engine

    After successful release of URGP I'm back with my Ultimate Platformer Engine (aka. Stardust) Prove me wrong but I think this is the best engine in it's category available:
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    Asset - Project Ultimate RPG Engine

    After 6 years of development and two from-scratch restarts I've finally published my URPG asset - grab a copy here:
  4. Binsk

    Asset - Extension 2D / 3D Multithreaded Simplex Noise Generation

    Hello, everyone! After having released my GML-based Simplex Noise extension, I realized that creating more complex worlds, ones that utilized multiple 2D and 3D noise generation calculations at a time, was simply not possible on a single thread. As such, I present to you this extension that...