1. Widget

    Windows Polterheist (Jam Game) page here! Just download and it's playable. Instructions included in-game. --- Game jam theme: Seeing is Believing Time allocated: 48 hours --- Everything was made by myself aside from music. 'Rebel With Dangerous Ideas' is from the album 'evereffervescent' by HALLEY LABS.
  2. M

    GMS 2 [SOLVED][2D Platformer] Jumping out of water when close to wall_obj

    Hello I have the same water physics as in the old counter strike / half life where if you hold space bar, you float towards the water surface. I am trying to make him jump out of the water if close to the "shore" This code ain't cuttin it if position_meeting(x,y-20,oWaterWall) and...
  3. P

    Job Offer - Artist Can you animate this?

    Kia ora GMC, I am working on a stealth platformer and need some animation done on the player character. This is the player character: A walking, running, crouching, climbing and hanging animations needed. If you are able to help you it would be much appreciated. A money value can be...
  4. T

    Game Mechanics Tutorials

    Game Mechanics - TinyGamesLab GM Version: 1.4 (Should work on v2 also) Target Platform: ALL Download: Links: N/A Summary: Hello Folks! I'm starting a biweekly series of tutorials focused on showing off how to adapt famous game mechanics into GMS. The...
  5. Ayziak

    GMS 2 Simple Game is lagging.. fps_real in the hundreds.

    So I've been making a pretty simple game, but on some devices, it lags from 60fps to around 45. I'm not new to Gamemaker lag, I've worked with delta_time before, but I'd rather try to find the core problem here, instead of hiding it. Each room is 10000px square, with <100 objects, half of which...
  6. C

    3d Game Camera

    So I have a great game idea and all but I think it'd be more appealing if it was 3d! I'm asking if there's a simple tutorial or script I could use to make a 3d game! Thanks!
  7. A

    Alpha The Wormery

    Details A 2D puzzle game where you will use a worm to navigate a variety of levels inspired by the classic snake video game. Game-play Choose from 8 worms that have a variety of different abilities. Complete puzzle levels. Collect resources to trade for coins. Spend coins on abilities. Use...
  8. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] In a for loop assign incremental numbers when creating the same object

    I'm trying to create an inventory and I hit a snag. I have a object called obj_invbox and it has a single variable initialized in the create event. I have a for loop that will create that object multiple times but the variable in my previously mentioned object needs to be set differently. For...
  9. Smiechu

    Free Snejk (with project files)

    I would like to present you my latest game! SNEJK I had only one aim creating this game. Make something with help of Game Maker Studio 2 that one could call a "finished game". So here it is! The name "Snejk" is a Polish spelling for English word "snake", that means Snejk is a classic snake...
  10. R

    GMS 2 Simple Finite State Machine

    GM Version: Studio 1 - 2 Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: N/A What is a state machine? A State machine is like a factory, your have several workers doing a specific task and at any time can change a task on the fly. State machines keep code organized, easier to...
  11. B

    Windows How do i rotate a sprite in the image editor?

    I can't seem to find a way to do that.
  12. B

    Need an object to move around a circle.

    Hi guys, I need help with a very simple problem that i cant fix via Google. I have my player who is a circle I call Bob because of... whatever.. and he needs a sword which I cant seem to provide as his creator. Its top down and the sword is drawn towards the top right and both the player and the...
  13. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 RulesQuest: the gameseries

    What is this about? RulesQuest is a series of short games taking place in the same universe. The goal for you, the player, is to figure out the rules of the game as you play. Uncover its ever-expanding plot, and follow the stories of recurring characters through the series! List of chapters...
  14. S

    GMS 2 When adding to X value what is the measurement used?

    Evening all, I am sure this is super simple but a google and review of the help docs didn't provide the answer. When I move the player by incrementing the player objects X value (say by a value of 5) what is that number a measurement of? Is it pixels or some other unit? I ask because rather...
  15. T

    Android Shape Command

    Hello fellow game makers, allow me to introduce my first project, a game inspired by the classic "Missile Command" by Atari. Download it for free: For the ones who were born after 1985 and beyond, this is what it is about: Enemy missiles are...
  16. M

    Free Happy Happy Hoola Hoopy

    Hello guys! This is my second game that I finished making in GM:S. Happy Happy Hoola Hoopy is a simple one button control game where you control a mysterious object that need to spread happiness all around the Earth. I made a trailer you can check bellow: I made it only for PC right now but I...
  17. O

    Asset - Project Simple Water

    Marketplace: Download .exe here: Price: FREE till the 7th of july! Simple grid based water. Simple and intuitive to use, the water is based off the water shown in games...
  18. P

    Portfolio - Art [UNPAID] 2D Simple Art

    Hello, I am a new digital artist. I actually just started digital art yesterday. I only do 2D art. Since my experience is low I will not charge anything, unless of course you'd like to. I am not currently working on any games so I can get your work done fast. The amount of time it should take me...
  19. W

    Legacy GM Need Help Changing the character sprite during Game!

    So I have tried and I don't know what I did wrong. Could use some help please! If this is easy and I am just an idiot please tell me. Here is my code in my draw event: var angle = point_direction(x, y, mouse_x, mouse_y); draw_sprite_ext(sprite_in, -1, x, y, 1, 1, angle, c_white, 1); Here it is...
  20. T

    3D Help with shadows.

    What would be the easiest and fastest way to add shadows to a 3d game? I started a few days ago and its going pretty good, but the game.looks a bit plain. I'm looking for just really basic shadows, nothing fancy. PS I'm fairly new to 3D in GMS so try to explain stuff a little better than you...