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  1. ZombieLawyer

    Windows Aye Aye Captain: Pirate Crew Management

    Aye Aye Captain was created with GMS2. It is available on Steam and Itch.io Aye Aye Captain is a game about crewing a ship on the high seas of the 1500 and 1600s. You'll have to manage a pirate crew, all while pillaging vessels of royal navies, other pirates, and facing the terrors of the...
  2. BeerDrinkingBurke

    Innkeep - Serve Ale. Be Jolly. Rob Your Guests.

    Hi Game Maker people! I posted about this project a couple of years back, but its pretty out of date now. Time for a fresh thread. I'm using Game Maker to create a micro-CRPG / sim called Innkeep. It's a bit of Ultima 7 style classic CRPG, meets a modern day-by-day narrative survival sim like...
  3. ikonhero

    Rough sketch of puzzle game. Need ideas

    Hi I uploaded a video of a game I am working on. I'm not good at graphics, so it doesn't look that good yet. It's just a very basic idea of a puzzle style factory sim game. I am looking for something original. The purpose of this thread is to get feedback and ideas on where to go with this...
  4. jackrucel

    Windows My First Game,Cube Souls.

    Game snaps. In this game you are a powerful being with the power to create a fragile life-form. Keep them fed and warm to harvest their souls, to eventually, open the portal to other universes. Download: GameJolt Download page. If any problem with the link, you can also go to Game Jolt site and...
  5. Michael Bateman

    Alpha Football Club Empire

    Last Version Update: 06/07/17 NOTE: If you have any issues after a build update, clean your browser cache. 'Continued' games will be corrupted by new builds as I add new features! This game is a work in progress and in its early stages. I thought people interested in this type of game might...
  6. Michael Bateman

    Do any GMC Devs like Football(Soccer)?

    Hi all Obviously the GMC is not a place where talk of football is expected to come up, but I wonder, do many or even any GM Devs like football? Am I an oddity in liking the sport and being someone who loves to spend my time trying to make games? Or are there a bunch of other devs who also like...
  7. T

    Team Request The Dragon Empire, LLC Is Looking For A Second Programming Partner! [Rev Share/Hobby]

    The Dragon Empire, LLC is looking for a programmer who is interested in partnering with us in our dragon breeding game. The Dragon Empire is a 2D, multi-player, fantasy hybrid and was on-line from 2008 until 2015. We are currently re-coding the game functionality and re-writing the story line...
  8. O

    Windows Captain's Way: Crew management/shooter hybrid

    Again, the game has changed dramatically since these initial posts. This is what it looks like now: The alpha is now available on itch.io! https://adrianmanser.itch.io/captainsway ____________________________________________________________________________ Captain's Way is a game I've been...