side scroller

  1. ObsidianTrance

    Development Side-scroller game process

    Just a quick random, but curious question. Has anyone experience or know anyone that has attempted a metroidvania type game? What would the budget average around, development time if solo or two three others? I'm wondering as I might want to attempt such before long soon as I have a little more...
  2. Japster

    Icarus - (Working title) - a shoot-em-up idea I started a few days ago!

    Hi guys! - Well, after being kindly pointed towards @Pixelated_Pope 's FANTASTIC pixel perfect collision blog and project, I thought I'd give an old-skool side scrolling shoot-em-up a go! I'm a slow coder, but I'm pleased with how much progress I've managed to make in 4-5 days coding, mainly...
  3. B

    Demo Coop detective game

    Hi (you can skip this one paragraph) I was thinking where to post it and if I should even post it. For me it is finished, so I could post it to Made with gamemaker. But it is very unfinished game, so it is better to post here, maybe in game design, but whatever. I spent on this game about a...
  4. Liam Earles

    Free Smash Ringtail Cat 2: Dr. Glitcher's Revenge

    Dr. Glitcher is out for revenge, and he has an ultimate weapon codenamed: Binary. Smash Ringtail Cat and his friends must venture off to stop Dr. Glitcher and Binary from taking over the world! Follow Smash Ringtail Cat 2 Today! Available Now! There will be a New Trailer soon! Also, be Sure to...
  5. S

    Untitled action platformer about slicing robots in half with a fire sword

    ATTENTION GETTING IMAGE This is an untitled game about slicing robots in half with a fire sword. It's been in production 2 months. There's just not much to show as the game is full of placeholder art outside of these screenshots for now, but the little details will get done. Things like...
  6. Nabil Kabour

    Place Meeting and Mask Index

    I'm using place_meeting to do collisions for a side scrolling platformer. When I set the mask_index of one of the platforms to -1, the collision is still registered. What is going on?
  7. Liam Earles

    Free Smash Ringtail Cat

    Smash Ringtail Cat is a game inspired by an animal species some people never heard of before, and takes inspiration to 80's and 90's video games. An evil scientist known as Dr. Glitcher has a plan to glitch up the entire planet with his multiple ultimate weapons, with one that would glitch up...
  8. harambe1

     One World - [UPDATED WITH MUSIC]

    My first project which I am working solo. Gets heavy inspiration from megaman games. Its a bit difficult, and is intended for those looking for an action platformer challenge. My intention is to go heavy with the story telling. This one is just a prototype for the stage and combat. Hey...
  9. J

    Demo The Chosen One (Alpha) [HOW LONG WILL YOU LAST?]

    At the moment, "The Chosen One" is nothing more than a test room game to see how long you can keep your fully customized character alive. There are 8 skills you can choose to advance, each providing its own advantage to your survival. The game is unforgiving though, If you get your character in...
  10. RyanC

    Beta Upside Dash - Retro Arcade Shoot'em Up

    Game Title: Upside Dash. Genre: Retro Arcade / Side Scrolling Shooter. OS: Android 4.4.4+ Version: Open Beta. Company: Level Lords Ltd. Press Kit | Website | Blog | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter Description Upside Dash is a side scrolling shooter with arcade game play and retro graphics. A...
  11. mikix

    Asset - Extension Platformer Extension

    Want to make your game the next big platformer hit? Platformer Extension has all the core features, including support for all controls, manual camera and much more. Code is readable, you can for example just copy and paste the stat books for the player or the enemies and write new numbers. For a...
  12. B

    Asset - Graphics Tropical Island Tileset

    Marketplace Link: Description The Tropical Island Tileset consists of 32x32 tiles and is designed for use in a side-scrolling platformer. It Includes ground and wall tiles for both beach and grass, as well as transitions...
  13. W

    Trailer for Giga Gear

    Giga Gear has reached the level building stage and I'm super excited to finally complete my first ever game !
  14. touhoufan90

    Windows The Glitch Fairy! - Action 2d side scroller

    Edit: You can download the demo here!: Edit2: Try our new updated Beta Demo! The Glitch Fairy is an action packed 2d side scroller starring Monie, an eccentric fairy with the unusual power to ''glitch'' her enemies. Each enemy glitches...
  15. A

    Legacy GM Side scroller projectile help

    Hello! I'll preface this with: I've eyeballed a whole bunch of related tutorials, but for some reason can't seem to find (or correctly tweak) an existing one to fit with what I'm doing: I'd like to trigger a projectile within an attack script. I can't seem to figure out how to tell the...
  16. G

    Hamachi The Psychotic Killer (2D Platformer) Now with Demo

    This is Hamachi. Around others he likes to portray himself as a trusting, simple minded individual. But when no ones around, he ventures out to satisfy his sick mandatory needs, taking innocent lives. With Hamachi's urges to kill grow progressively worse, he slaughters anything in his path and...
  17. M

    Team Request Looking for programmer to collab on Bat Game (Collaborator Found!)

    Hi Game Maker forums! About the game Bats are sick of being the villain in games... they just want to be heroes! A few months ago, I came up with a rough prototype for a simple side scrolling game, where you play as a bat. You eat food and dodge enemies in order to increase your score -...
  18. C

    Attack and jump animation not working

    Hello! I am fairly new to GM and have been watching tutorials on a side scroller. I have made my own sprites and animations, but when I put the code in, no matter what I do, when I press the left mouse button (attack button), my character plays the 1st frame of the animation, and immediately...
  19. E

    Released Spark | Combo-centric Shoot 'em Up

    BUY IT NOW! =] Spark is a creative, combo-centric, Shoot 'em up game. It's a 3-in-1 old-school arcade game fueled by the competitive urge to climb the leaderboards. The unique shooting system hooks the player as they discover more and more ways to create beautiful and effective combos...
  20. Online Handle

    Demo The Tarnishing of Juxtia (Dark Souls inspired platformer)

    I have been working on a Dark Souls inspired platformer for a few months now and thought it was about time I make a thread to track progress. NOTE: Currently looking for an sfx artist. If interested, please contact me. UPDATE: Jacob V is redoing all of my bad artwork into something...