1. MartinK12

    GML [SOLVED] Multiple show_debug_message but show each only once?

    Currently I have this and it’s working fine. In create event: debug_msg_1 = true; debug_msg_2 = true; ... debug_msg_n = true; In any other event, ie. step event I use this: //do some stuff if (debug_msg_1) { show_debug_message(“whatever”); debug_msg_1 = false; } //do some stuff if...
  2. samspade

    GML Debug Messages

    Using show_debug_message() GM Version: All Target Platform: All Download: NA Links: NA Summary An explanation of show_debug_message, how to use it, and some helpful utility scripts. Tutorial What show_debug_message Does Debugging is one of the most important skills in coding, and GM comes...
  3. jana

    [SOLVED] Alarm loop quits

    I have an alarm loop that runs approximately 25-30 times, then just quits. I've used alarm loops before with no problem. Here's how I set it up in this program that quits after a while: Here's the set up for when the alarms goes off...
  4. Cannikin

    Mac OSX show_debug_message doesn't output anything (Solved)

    Howdy, Is it just me or does show_debug_message() not actually output anything to the console? show_message() works fine and displays the little alert box, but show_debug_message() just seems to be silent. I've tried outputting plain text in both Create and Step events (hoping I'd get a ton of...