1. P

    SOLVED Debug Message of Structs causes Crash

    I'm working on something using structs instead of objects because I'll need a ton of them. One functionality that I want these structs to have is for them to have an inventory and for them to be able to receive input from other structs and give output to other structs. What I did to achieve that...
  2. MartinK12

    GML [SOLVED] Multiple show_debug_message but show each only once?

    Currently I have this and it’s working fine. In create event: debug_msg_1 = true; debug_msg_2 = true; ... debug_msg_n = true; In any other event, ie. step event I use this: //do some stuff if (debug_msg_1) { show_debug_message(“whatever”); debug_msg_1 = false; } //do some stuff if...
  3. samspade

    GML Debug Messages

    Using show_debug_message() GM Version: All Target Platform: All Download: NA Links: NA Summary An explanation of show_debug_message, how to use it, and some helpful utility scripts. Tutorial What show_debug_message Does Debugging is one of the most important skills in coding, and GM comes...
  4. jana

    [SOLVED] Alarm loop quits

    I have an alarm loop that runs approximately 25-30 times, then just quits. I've used alarm loops before with no problem. Here's how I set it up in this program that quits after a while: Here's the set up for when the alarms goes off...
  5. Cannikin

    Mac OSX show_debug_message doesn't output anything (Solved)

    Howdy, Is it just me or does show_debug_message() not actually output anything to the console? show_message() works fine and displays the little alert box, but show_debug_message() just seems to be silent. I've tried outputting plain text in both Create and Step events (hoping I'd get a ton of...