1. Kultisti

    HTML5 Pipe Skull

    Pipe Skull △ lead the magical skull through the underwater pipelines! △ 24 tiny puzzles to solve △ play it here
  2. A

    Free Gravity Flip, a young square's struggle. This game was created in 2017, but never released as I had lost interest and moved on to other projects. I recently thought back on the experience of working on this, and decided to go ahead and release it in its current state, as I believe there is enough...
  3. Adrien Dittrick

    Team Request Branching corpses - An exquisite corpse of games

    What is this about? "Branching corpses" is an on-going tree of very short games with interconnected plots. The core concept is simple: Each game has 2 endings, the one you get depends on how well you play the minigame segment. As a developer, you can choose one of those endings and make your...
  4. GregFroning

    Creepy Uncle Timmy & The Watery Ditch Of Lies

    What Is It? This game is what I am coining as a "micro" or "mini" RPG, with the goal of having a short story and overall length of 20-30 minutes. You can think of it as a bite size RPG, for just a quick run through and very simple mechanics. Any Story? The story is still in development, but...
  5. K

    Free PyroPlunder, from weekly game jam #89

    You play as Private Pyro, lighting up buildings and stealing goods, traveling further into the depths of bustling cities. The goal of the game is to take as much money as possible, in all four cities of the game, Dawn, Drift, Drag, and Dusk. Several types of guards will come after you, all...
  6. C

    Windows macOS Export?

    So I'm having trouble exporting to macOS correctly. I don't have a Mac so I'm not sure if I'm still able to do it without one. If this is the wrong forum (I read the rules it so I think it is) please let me know and help me out.
  7. C

    Alpha In the Mind (Alpha) - NEED FEEDBACK

    For for exactly one week, I have been working on a simple Visual Novel/RPG. It will be broken up into four different levels. Each I hope will end up resulting into a 1 hour game run time to tell the story. Which goes as follows - Color is HUGE and I mean HUGE in this game, color represents...
  8. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 ARQ2: Realistic War Simulator

    This game was made after the battlefield V cover art controversy and took 7 hours to make. I was baffled by how people kept saying having a woman in a war video game was unrealistic, so I decided to make a realistic war game. No women. No fun. One life. Play this realistic experience here...
  9. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 ARQ1: Cooking for Porkpants

    Hey there everyone! So as I am a slave of instant gratification and am allergic to long-term planning, I have decided to start a project in which people give me game requests (usually on twitter) and I make them (usually in one or two days.) The title "ARQ" stands for "As ReQuested". Feel free...
  10. C

    Free A short platformer based on readers' pitch from a 1995 magazine: "Возвращение в замок злого колдуна"

    Hello! Here's a small game I was creating since August. It's based on a picture and description sent by readers to Russian gaming magazine "Великий Дракон" (Great Dragon) in November 1995. You can see this picture below: In my game I literally tried to bring this level to life. I didn't...
  11. Misu

    Job Offer - Artist Are you an artist? Look at this thread!

    I am Game Designer from a team called "Nameless Games". We are currently developing a 2D platformer game targeting for mobile marketing but we have been struggling with the artwork for the game for too long. We have very little time left before our estimated finishing goal and we really need...