1. sv3nxd

    Asset - Graphics Greens Pixel Art Shop

    Hey there! I'm normally a game-dev myself, but I've been doing pixel art for several years now and just recently decided to open up shop over at My asset packs are extremely affordable, so any developer just starting out should be able to aquire them. Visit my shop over at...
  2. A

    Legacy GM Shop Ui problem

    so im triying to make an shop UI but the "Buy button" always come wrong like i put my mouse where it should be but it only checks half of the button it only checks the up corner of the button this is the code: if fala=2 || fala=4{if mouse_x>view_xview+576 && mouse_x<view_xview+896...
  3. Vinsane

    Android Item Shop Question - Need Help Removing Money From Player

    Hi everyone! I am trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong here with my shop keeper setup. I have a fairly straight forward code setup to create a functioning Item Shop, everything is working fine EXCEPT the actual minus of money when the item is purchased! I'll give the rundown of the code...
  4. M

    Clicking within an area using coordinates reletive to a viewport

    I am currently working on a shop system that creates a sprite as big as the window then smaller sprites as the items sold. I am attempting to make it so if I click within an area while the menu is open (and I have enough coins), I will be able to acquire the listed item. here is my current...
  5. W

    Drag And Drop Money - Variable... HOW [Help]

    Hello, Im doing a clicker game, and im doing a shop right now and i put the price in to the global variable and i was trying to make a mechanism to buy things and how do i subtract from variable by number from other variable by that i mean... Money - Price = Rest of the money If we have 100 $...
  6. D

    Weapons Switching [SOLVED]

    Hello guys. I want`t to ask you about shop and weapons. I want the shop to buy weapons and ammunition. Here, well, I am fine with the ammunition if selected = 1 and global.p1_money >= 200 { global.p1_money -= 200 global.uziammo += 10 } if selected = 2 and global.p1_money >= 250 { global.p1_money...
  7. M

    Android Dont know how to make a shop

    Hey guys im making a little smartphone game where you can buy new characters with ingame money and real money... but i dont know how to do this that a player can buy new characters and select them and can buy them with real money and all that to save so next time he open its still there... sorry...
  8. mikix

    Beta Miki's Resource Shop

    I am making a resource shop with my own creative ideas and art. Story planning with 50 pages and art to go along with it is the planned package you can get for a sum of money invested in my work. Or you can pay individually. I am currently doing an IndieGoGo campaign until I start my own...
  9. jb skaggs

    Turning my real life woodshop experience into a game

    Im just tossing this out there as a psuedo diary psuedo what Im up do post. I began work on a wood shop simulator game, based on my own shop experiences. Currently I can hire employees, and they can do 2 jobs- run a chopsaw and a run a planer. I made cards for hiring employees- the cards...
  10. W

    Shop System Part 3

    How do I change my player when the player buys something in the shop? When I do obj_Player.sprite_index = spr_Green it gives me an error so help. Thanks WolfYt
  11. W

    Shop System P2(UNSolved)

    I need help. I need GML for a damage thing so when you buy weapons you get damage and change the sprite to a different one. Thanks, The Best Noob On This Website
  12. Axl Trauts

    Weapon upgrade system and shopping

    Hi guys, I am making a weapon system and a shop which I'd like to make better, I hope you can help. Well, I am making an action game where the player gets upgrades on the level and changes its main gun, only there are 3 types, only one type at a time can be carried, and each one can be...
  13. T

    Legacy GM Help with Weapon Upgrade Shop?

    I wanted to make a system where after a wave of enemies, a shop would open up and you could buy upgrades for 3 different weapons. I want each upgrade to be available only after the previous upgrade was bought. I have no clue how to go about doing this and would like some help.
  14. W

    Switching Sprites?(UNSolved)

    I need help. When you buy a new gun in the in-game shop how do I switch the sprite and damage?
  15. W

    Shop System(Solved)

    Basically when I go to buy my item it adds 15 coins/cash to my player help? if <= 0 draw_text(500,420,"Not Enough Cash") obj_Player.hp += 0; if >= 15 obj_Player.hp += 20; -= 15;