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  1. Official Cody Productions

    Drag And Drop Can't Shoot?

    Hey So I'm working on a little game for me and my nephews and I'm probably gonna publish it. You play as 2 Players 1 good 1 evil. The Good one moves with WASD and Shoots with Spacebar while the other one moves with arrow keys and shoots with enter. I don't know how to make them shoot? Good...
  2. M

    GMS 2 Making an enemy shoot at a specific direction

    So i have like a sniper that i want to shoot at a certain place (so the player has to jump over the shots) And i saw a thread about this which said i needed to add this code to the "create" section of the guy whos shooting the bullet: firingdelay = room_speed/6; alarm(0) = room_speed * 5...
  3. J

    How do i make a shooting mechanic like Megaman

    so im trying to make a game like megaman for a school exams and i was doing well until i got to the shooting part so i was wondering if any of u can help me on making this megaman shooting like mechanic im a very beginner programmer i have learned the basics and so on but i still dont understand...
  4. U

    Windows Hot Space Gun Game

    I've made a game, name 'Hot Space Gun". Play Hot Space Gun, a simple space shooting game. There are 3 different guns (2 of them needed to be unlocked), 1 map only and 2 special weapons. Make the highest score you can. Download for PC from here -
  5. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Shooting from tip/barrel of gun

    hello, I'm doing a top down project, however no matter what I do the bullet keeps coming out of the gun barrel, could anyone help me? I'm learning to use the game maker yet and I do not know some basic things. my sprite = x=128 y= 85 origin = x=40 y=49 gun tip...
  6. S

    How to shoot the bullet horizonly?

    I've seen a video on YouTube where bullets are generated and fired. But it was launched using the coordinates of the mouse.(instance_create_layer(mouse_x,mouse_y..) Is there a way to shoot a bullet horizontally? :)
  7. M

    2d top down racer shooter

    Hi there, I am making a 2d top down driver/shooter game. So far, it's going good. However, I cannot gt an desired collision effect with AI opponents on paths. I want a 'spinout' sort of effect. (360 rotation) At the moment, I have this for o_enemy (which is obviously the AI test vehicle): in...
  8. G

    Battle to the End

    # Battle to the End – Description # Battle to the End is a retro arcade style 2D top-down shooter game set on a digital world with awesome game play. Try your best to survive an onslaught of alien scum and fighting your way out of the digital world. You and your friend take the role as Ben and...