1. M

    Red Star Raider - Free demo available now

    Made in GMS2, I would like to showcase “Red Star Raider” which is currently playable and set for release November 2019. The trailer can be viewed HERE and the free demo can be downloaded on Steam HERE or if you don’t have steam the demo can also be downloaded HERE (PC Windows) Please see...
  2. Gandija

    Evo 25

    Hello everyone, today i want to show you my shoot'em up in progress. I love to fly over these fantasy places.
  3. RobertRamsay

    Asset - Graphics Shoot Em Up , Racing, Golf, Isometric and Pixels

    Projects and Graphics assets on my marketplace. Check them out here:
  4. Jorg Gjer

    Free SpaceStation Defender - A space tower defence shooter.

    Hi all. Space Station Defender is a mix of space shooter and tower defence. Protect the base from incoming attackers by placing towers. I will still do updates on the game if you have any suggestions. The game can be found at For contact -
  5. S

    Android shoot button

    Hi , how i can add shooter Button for YoYo Platform game ( i mean is demo's game in game maker studio 2 ) please help me :(:(:(:(:(:(
  6. Electronic Cheesekov

    Windows Revenge Of The Veggieman (Finished?)

    LAST UPDATED 01/02/2020 ----------> DOWNLOAD <---------- You play as a fat man who loves hamburgers THEN SUDDENLY the evil Veggieman comes to your house to tell you that you should eat healthier and steals all your hamburgers so you must go on an epic quest to get your hamburgers back...
  7. Gandija


    Hello, this is one of the games I'm planning to finish some day. A happy shotter with a background story.
  8. John Andrews

    Alpha Basis-9 War [Demo 0.2.0] Settings menu, checkpoints, effects, and more.

    Basis-9 War by John Andrews Twitter: <- FOLLOW IT! Most recent update post! Who are you, soldier? Get in the boots of a mysterious soldier who has crash-landed in the planet of Basis-9 after being stranded in...
  9. Bluetail7

    Windows The underworld [2014]

    Explore the land of the Aeria, a world with a light and dark side, where you goal is to survive and find points of interest. Use distinct character styles: One that adapts to your needs and environment, while the other request a special sequence in order to perform attacks. Tamy, the...
  10. L

    GTA Inspired Shooter: Hostile - Haven Bay

    Dear all, just thought I'd share a personal project of mine that started back in 2014 Progress of project: Plot: A dude stuck in a small town somewhere in the Mediterranean. There's no plot, really, other than the possibility that you're stuck in some sort of...
  11. P

    Animating frames are overlapping

    Hey, I'm pretty new to GameMaker and I'm having a bit of a problem. I'm making a SHMUP set in the ocean and I want to create a wave that trails behind the player when they move to the bottom of the screen. I was able to do this with an animated sprite, but each sprite frame stays on the screen...
  12. E

    Question about setting up a create point for shooters

    Hello everyone. First time poster and aspiring developer. I've been doing the tutorials and got as far as the second one with the top down shooter tutorial. My question is how can I place the point of bullet to be offset from the center to make it spawn/create from the barrel of the gun. The...
  13. Luotigames

    Asset - Project Roguelite top-down shooter

    GMS 2.0 GMS 1.4 This asset pack contains over 20 sprites, simple animations, simple sounds and a lot of commented code. You can create your own shooting...
  14. Red Phantom

    Demo Meskhenet - A Platformer/Adventure [closed by author request]

    [UPDATED] Download Link (you must be persistent in clicking yes to download this old-gamemaker-version executable): Video is updated. Sound effects muted in video It's a very short demo (5 minutes expected completion...
  15. L

    Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day

    JSBJD is in development. No playable build as of now. JSBJD is a parody of American culture and politics. This is definitely not propaganda created by boomers who have just discovered the internet and GM. Official Website: [LINK REMOVED]
  16. T

    Steam Super Captain 3D . A Super Hero shoot em up!

    Hello everyone! We just released our new game on Steam and we would like showing it to you! Super Captain 3D is a shmup where you are a Super Hero defending Earth! The gameplay gravitates towards more of a classic feel like Space Invaders rather than being too bullet hell based. Theres...
  17. Bearman_18

    Dart gun shooter

    So, I'm working on a top-down shooter in which you play as children with dart guns, (The design and behavior of which replicate actual nerf guns.) So far everything is going surprisingly smoothly, The AI is good, the shooting and stuff is fun, etc. Sadly, it won't be multiplayer, cause I don't...
  18. zielok

    Cannon ship

    Hi, I almost complete my new game for iOS and Android devices This game will be available 11.17.2018
  19. B

    Windows One Hander WIP

    This is a shoot them up I am working on, I finished with the basic weapons. Just uploaded it to get some feedback on them. Will start to work on weapons support. Few notes: -Weapons damage has not been adjusted, since I still haven't made actual enemies yet. -Graphics is basic. Wanted to...
  20. S

    Cloud Cover: A simple shmup: Play it now!

    I had the weekend off, and I chose to use it the only way I know how and that's make a quick game. At first it started as simple art, because I wanted to make art. Then it turned into a simple game jam sort of thing. This project helps me get better at art. WHAT IS IT: Cloud Cover is a simple...