1. M

    Alpha System Remnant | Sci-Fi Platformer Shooter [Devlog] [4.7.17]

    System Remnant A sci-fi action, shooter platformer with rouge-like elements and randomization. Follow an exploration droid that is trying to get home, exploring hazardous environments and defeating powerful enemies along the way. Discover altered locations, upgrade your weapon with an extensive...
  2. D

    Need help with bullet trigonometry

    Hi. i hm having issues with trigonometry in gamemaker studio, as it is nothing like it is in real life. i am trying to get bullets to fire at the player exactly 45 degrees off of where they are, as shown in this image here: Any other info needed just ask
  3. S

    Demo BLAK: 3D FPS on the moon

    BLAK is back! Scroll down for Info and Download link! Screenshots: BLAK logo Luna 5 Meteor Defence station Apollo Terminal Green Line rail platform FPS View Some background: For those of you who may have missed it, a little over 3 years ago I began work on BLAK, a fully functional...
  4. Repix

    Alpha Archery Project

    Download: Project.exe?dl=0 Version: 0.02 - Alpha Size: 2.05MB File Type: SRE
  5. B

    Zombie Run game: Need feed back?

    I have been working on this game for quite a bit. I just want someone's opinion. This is BETA form for people to try out. Just tell me what you think of it. Here is the download link There are some glitches with the moving platforms but let me know how you feel...
  6. W

    Player Movement(Solved)

    I need help with my players shooting movement. I have the right side down how do I make him shoot to the left
  7. lizzard

     Sketchy Invaders (alpha) (windows)

    SKETCHY INVADERS (alpha) (windows) DOWNLOAD ALPHA (16.9 MB) Your world has been invaded! Take control of the last sphere fighter, and blast away all the invaders. Destroy wave after wave with invaders and collect power-ups to survive a little bit longer. The game offers several levels...
  8. S

    Portfolio - Audio Freelance Composer seeking commercial projects (Long or short term)

    Hello there. I am Simon DLSea and I am a freelance composer and musician (Flute). I come from a long line of musicians, both my grandfathers played music by ear. My paternal grandfather could play any instrument he touched. Except for the piano. My maternal grandfather could play one instrument...
  9. Imogia Games

    Released SpAliendeR -- retro space shooter

    SpAliendeR Hi there everyone, I recently published my second game, SpAliendeR. It was an old project I decided to finish once and for all before moving on other projects. This a space shooting game. Retro aesthetics, retro feeling but groovy music! Inspired by the classic game, this is a...
  10. T

    Released Lightspeed Pilots

    LIghtspeed Pilots Hey. I wanted to make a 2D Space Shooter, so i did! The one and only goal in this game is to get a high score. There are 2 Types of Enemies in this Game: The normal, which has only 1 Shot, and can get hit 2 times before it dies, and the second Type, which shoots 3 Bullets...
  11. S

    GMC Jam GMCity Carnage

    GMCity Carnage Featuring online highscores! After bots overran Gamemaker City, President Playtech placed it under quarantine They had to remove the bot threat once and for all. One platoon of bots survived, and began advancing on the new GMUtopia. The deceased moderating team from the old...
  12. DukeSoft

    Beta Shoot 'm Up - Topdown multiplayer action! [JOIN CLOSED BETA NOW]

    Shoot 'm Up A top down shooter that I've been working on for waaaay too long, soon to be released on Steam! Whats the game about? - Fast paced top down shooter - Online multiplayer action - Bots / AI for offline action (or combining with the online part) - Cooperative game modes (zombie...
  13. S

    Team Request Shattered Stars Team Looking for Members

    [Update:] Demo Version 01.01.10 We are making a vertical shooter with local 2 player co-op and some controller support. The completed game will have 5-7 levels to play through (each with it's own boss) as well as improvements and additions to gameplay. We work at a casual pace and enjoy...
  14. M

    Legacy GM Bubble Shooter Game

    I'm trying to draw up a prototype of a bubble shooter game for touch screen devices. I've managed to set up the bubbles to shoot wherever you tap and release on the screen. That's working fine. So far I'm only working with bubbles of one colour, to get to grips with the mechanics. I'm really...
  15. NetoX

    Windows Madrobot-X Old School Pixel Art Shmup (Free Keys)

    MadRobot X finally comes to PC Description: MadRobot is a old school shoot 'em up game. You control a robot trying to escape from the laboratory of a mad scientist, for this you have the help of GoboGobo another robot which also wants to escape. The task is...
  16. G

    Windows Don't Stand Here

    Don't stand here TDS Welcome to Heaven! We had noticed, how hard you used to work in the past. So now we're gifting you eternal happiness! There is no place for suffer and fear, just collect coins and live happily. But there is one rule. Never stand on the red tiles. It is in sake of safety of...
  17. N

    Legacy GM How to program a firing rate in a shooter WITHOUT using alarms

    Hello, I'm making a run and gun game similar to Metal Slug, and so far I've been making progress, little as it is. So one of my problems atm is, How can I control the firing rate of my gun without using an alarm? I looked into the code of Relic Hunter: Zero and didn't see any instance of an...
  18. D

    Team Request 2D Animator needed for a topdown zombie shooter game

    A 2D animator is needed for my game that I'm making. The game is about a lonely survivor that just woke up in the hospital and tries to understand what has happened and so on and so on. You will be animating top down persons, zombies, items, environment indoors & outdoors. The game does not...
  19. Filuto

    Steam Intrude

    Intrude is a first-person shooter inspired by old FPS titles like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. There is an old underground base, abandoned long time ago, suddenly taken over by some kind of private military and emitting a strange signal. Your mission is to get in, find your way up through fifteen...
  20. S

    Demo Super Heroic Intimidating Turret Prototype

    Hello GameMaker Community! I just recently finished the prototype of my first Videogame, its called Super Heroic Intimidating Turret. Its a top-down shooter where you have to shoot up and down and move from left to right to avoid enemy bullets. I made all graphics and the gameplay alone. At...