1. Iggy_Gamechuck

    Windows Speed Limit, a pixel-art, perspective-changing retro shooter (PC, Consoles) coming in February 2021

    Hi all! I'm Iggy from Gamechuck, a Croatian indie game development studio that made Speed Limit. I'm really happy to say that, after two years of being in development in GameMaker, Speed Limit is coming to PC and consoles in February 2021. You can play the demo now on Steam. Here's the...
  2. Tony Brice

    Released My new game - Tommy Gunn - is now available.

    Hi guys, I've now released my eighth game using GMS 2 and put it up for free on The version uploaded there is currently the same build as I submitted for the latest SyntaxBomb coding game competition but I'm possibly going to build on it, as I had to axe a few parts just to make the...
  3. Roastedzerg

    Duke Nukem: Alien Bastards Standard Playing Card Game

    Got bored, decided to make a card game using my favorite video game from the 90s. It uses a deck of standard playing cards and plays as close to Duke Nukem 3D as i could make it while still keeping it simple and clean. Anyways, here it is: Duke Nukem: Alien Bastards Enjoy!
  4. E

    Knockback Top down

    I am creating a top down, but the player and enemies sprites only face left and right in a cartoonish way. I am trying to create knockback and have tried many different ways, it seems as though it should be simple and I believe it is, I just can't figure it out. This one code here stumps me, I...
  5. S

    Steam Southern cross Battle force(This is my second game)

    In 2077, a small-scale war was fought in the Federal Republic of Ogar. Three months later, the war ended with an armistice agreement proposed by the Southern Cross Alliance led by EAU and SAU. However, the armistice agreement did not solve any problems. On the contrary, it caused earth-shaking...
  6. DreadedDruid

    Android Asteroid Evasion

    Asteroid Evasion is an arcade-style shooter. The objective is to get the highest score possible. There are 8 ships to play, each with my upgrades to unlock. Whether you want a ship thats quick to maneuver through the asteroids, or something powerful to blow up anything in your way, there is...
  7. PsychicParrot

    My Nuclear Octopus is coming soon to Steam!

    If you need constant loot boxes, endless powerups, crisp vector graphics, online challenges, multiplayer and 3d.. this is not the game you are looking for. On the other hand, if you love old style, pure of heart out-and-out arcade gaming, you and My Nuclear Octopus may just be on the verge of a...
  8. J

    Android Project Revenge (Android)

    Project Revenge Google Play Download Link While in self quarantine, i decided to open my GMS 1.4 after 3 years of break and it really felt good to play around with game making again. So good that i decided to update to GMS2 and after while even purchased mobile module. I had plenty of...
  9. H

    Windows TOP HAT HERO

    TOP HAT HERO HATS! LASERS! METORS! BOSSES! SPACE CHICKENS?!! TOP HAT HERO is an arcade shooter that is all about distance and high-score. Try to get challenging achievements while getting the TOP score KEY FEATURES Try to obtain all the achievements get the high score get bragging rights Any...
  10. Repix

    Alpha Under Commando

    Download = Size = 3.13 MB Type = .zip Version = 0.1.0 (Alpha) Bonus Game with an actual goal.. get to the top! the Top
  11. HorseHeadDev

    Released Ace of Space - Available Now, + Free Demo

    Hi everyone! I've released my first game Ace of Space. free demo also available. šŸ“ STORE: Store Link: ABOUT ****************************** Ace of Space is a fast passed arcade top-down space shooter, with tons of guns and customizations...
  12. Changgi

    Free Touhou mini fangame - Strongest vs Head (2020 edition)

    The Strongest vs the Detached Head Under the Willows (2020 edition) Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7/10 (and probably above) Genre: Arcade/vertical shooter/danmaku Downloads: Game Jolt (includes Soundtrack on page): Itch io...
  13. Tony Brice

    Released Validius released

    I finished and released my 6th complete Gamemaker 2 game for the latest Syntax Bomb competition. Validius is a twin-stick shooter based on Asteroids but with some very nasty bad guys trying to stop you destroying the asteroids. Add in power ups and it makes for a fun shooter. The game is up on...
  14. T

    HTML5 GeoTurret - A top-down space arcade game

    Hi, I am new to GMS2 so this will be my first post and my first game with this great GameMaker engine. I want to present you my current work-in-progress game "GeoTurret", a top-down space arcade game. Main directive of this game is to survive as long as possible by shooting all the geometric...
  15. Yuriy

    Windows The War In Space

    Video game trailer Space shooter with a lot of powerups and enemies! You have to hold out for 10 waves to win. Destroy asteroids and enemy ships. In the game you will find a large number of bonuses, as well as pleasant music :D Control Space or Numb0 - Shoot W,A,S,D or Arrow - Move Esc -...
  16. P

    Issues attaching arm to object

    Hello I am having some issues drawing an arm over a sprite. I have the player object, with a dot to signify where I want the arm to be, and an arm object. The arm object has its origin at the axis where it is supposed to turn. If I make the arm object and place it over the player object in...
  17. E

    SOLVED Problems with a code

    Hello, i speak spanish so my english is very bad,i have a problem, i wanna make a shooter game and i cant. Because "instance_create" its variable and not a function. i see tutorials and forums, and they have "instance_create" in orange. Hola, hablo espaƱol asƭ que mi ingles es bastante malo...
  18. okasion

    Released Touhou YÅ«mei Kekkai

    Here okasion, the main programmer of our first game! At last it is playable AND it offers some nice challenge; it still a tech demo, but the engine is completed, now it is time to work on less complex stuff! Note: the beta is very short but buying it now will help us to keep working faster and...
  19. TheMiningBoyAlpha

    Alpha Konotsu Gunner

    This game is a 2D sidescroller, with online pvp and an offline sandbox. It will support Windows and HTML5 (The two only working builds as of now). With plans for it to be exported on Linux also, and a Nintendo DS port being programed by Robz8 of The link to the...
  20. Salem Holly

    3D Help with 3D blood decals on walls (GM 1.4)

    In my 3D fps shooter, I have a pretty basic system for blood. It just spawns a flat sprite on the ground, and to keep the game from slowing down, I have an instance check that sees if there are more than X amount of blood decals, and if there are, then it deletes the first ones created. This...