1. P

    Making Enemy Shoot at Player

    Hi. I'm using Drag and Drop and am new to coding so I'm having some trouble with this. I've created an enemy called obj_enemy_dropper that that bounces off walls. I've tried looking through tons of threads and watch countless videos but I can't seem to find out how to make the bullet shoot at...
  2. E

    SOLVED Problems with a code

    Hello, i speak spanish so my english is very bad,i have a problem, i wanna make a shooter game and i cant. Because "instance_create" its variable and not a function. i see tutorials and forums, and they have "instance_create" in orange. Hola, hablo español así que mi ingles es bastante malo...
  3. B

    Player doesn't shoot on bigger room sizes

    Hi everybody, I need a help to fix a problem on my platform-shooter game project that i'm working on. The player in the game should fire when the left mouse button is pressed and when the mouse is pointed within the game area. The shooting system works perfectly as long as the height of the room...
  4. A

    Enemys Shooting At Me

    So I have a player that can shoot and i have enemys that randomly spawn, but i cant seem to get the enemys to shoot at me no matter what i do, if somebody could help me that would be great!
  5. A


    okay so, I am making a basic little game idea, and so far i got a flying guy who can shoot fireballs, except i dont know how to make him shoot the fireballs, if somebody has a script for it please let me know
  6. N

    Windows Blasting Cap: Gunpowder Heart // Platformer / Shooter

    Hey! What's up? I just released my platformer/shooter, you can download it on Gamejolt or WASD - Movement K - Jump J - Shoot Blasting Cap is a 2D platform-shooter. Try to reach the top of the ancient tower, and not to blow up in the process! Face multiple enemies and platforming...
  7. S

    Android Touch Controls

    Hi , How i can add Touch Controls for this project And i want add as object buttons and add shoot button [ touch ]
  8. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Working with "shoot while running" animation

    Im working on a character that can run, and also shoot while running. Both animations are very similar, I basically only changed the torso and weapon on the "shoot while running" animation. But Im having some difficulties because I made a special effect and recoil effect inside the shoot sprite...
  9. P

    Question - Code Different bullets same gun?

    Hello! I'm just a begginer and I apologise in advance if im asking something someone else has tackled before. I'm trying to develop my first game but i've encountered a problem regarding my weapons. Thing is I'd like my player's gun to shoot different projectiles switching its bullets from one...
  10. E

    Windows Journey of the fireflies

    Journey of the fireflies Link / Download : current Version: 0.0.4a Hotfix1 STORY: You play as Yuki a small girl who wants to free the world from evil. Some mysterious evil got in the woods and bound all fireflies and effected the wildlife. You...
  11. M

    Enemy Shooting GLITCH

    Hey everyone, I made a nice enemy state machine for scouting and shooting. When it is in scouting mode it just moves around, but when it gets in shooting mode it starts to shoot in it's direction. The problem is when it sets back to the scouting state it continues to shoot while moving. Here is...
  12. VagrantWhaleGames

    Job Offer - Artist Pixel Artist for scrolling shooter[CLOSED]

    [CLOSED FOR NOW BUT ALWAYS DOWN TO MEET ARTISTS/DEVS IF YOU WANT TO SEND YOUR INFO.] Looking for some retro-ish style art for a small scrolling shooter i'm making similar to snes shoot em ups... This is a fairly small project with basic animations, 3 frames probably and some static...
  13. S

    I have a problem with shooting things

    So, I want to make a top down shooter, but every time I try to execute the game it gives me this error: In Object Markus (the player), in Event Step event number 0 line 28 : malformed while statement. And this is the while statement: while (!collision && distance_to_point(temp_x, temp_y) <...
  14. E

    Legacy GM [Solved] Bullet spawns at wrong position

    In my case i dont have a bullet, but an paper wad. The wad spawns at the wrong place. (I sped up the throw speed to show all the wads flying). This is my code: Origin: X:14 Y:18 Create event: Lenx=20; Leny=20; Step event: instance_create(x + lengthdir_x(Lenx,image_angle), y +...
  15. A

    Legacy GM 4-Direction Shot movement

    So, I want to have a 4-way shooting system, but all the bullets have the same direction (meaning when I shoot one and it goes to the right and then I shoot another one going up, the first one goes up as well). Here's the code (hope you can understand): with (obj_player) { var shoot = 0...
  16. C

    The player moves too much when it start shooting while walking

    (Sorry for bad english) I know it is a especific problem, and it's a lot of code do analyze, but, i just don't know what to do. When the player is walking, and I command it to attack by pressing "X", he attacks, but in the moment I command it, before it starts to attack, it moves about 5...
  17. GregFroning

    Android BowOff

    This is my first game I am releasing in quite a while, and I decided to include online multiplayer in the Android release. So with that said it needs a lot of testing and debugging so I figured this would be the best place to throw it up. It is an early version of multiplayer and I am going to...
  18. TheOnlyWRT

    Shooting Mechanics not working

    Hey guys, so I am making a platform game and I am integrating delay between each shot. However, I cannot get it to work. I am using alarms to handle the delay, and it works the first time, but after the first shot, I can shoot as much as I want. Here is the code: In the create event //pistol...
  19. Z

    GMS 2 Very short shots - Disparos muy cortos

    How can I make the shots more separate and shoot up to 3 each time? Example Disparos muy cortos como puedo hacer que los disparos sean mas separados y que se disparen maximo 3 cada vez? Ejemplo
  20. F

    Windows shooting

    im making a platformer game and i need to add shooting can anyone help me with a code.