shoot 'em up

  1. AnthonyRose

     Moldermind - An endless arcade top-down shooter prototype

    About: Moldermind is a simple and short endless arcade top-down shooter but with a twist. That being that... you are the bullet! Use your special boost/dash attack by holding your mouse's left button to ram into enemies and destroy em all. Your objective? Get as much score as you can and...
  2. Null-Z

    Shoot-em-up design questions

    My Next project is a 2D side scrolling Shoot em' up with a focus on programing a variety of flashy attacks and I wanted to inquire about how you who've made them before went about designing things like level layout and enemy placements. It will feature two playable characters going through...
  3. M

    GMS 2.3+ Enemy spawner not working

    H,i i'm making a 2d Shoot 'em Up game and i wanted to make a spawner using a script instead of handwritining every single enemy using an object, so i wrote this: function EnemySpawn(_EnemyType, _SpawnDelay, _EnemyCount) { _SpawnDelay -= 1; if ( _SpawnDelay = 0) and ( _EnemyCount > 0)...
  4. J

    Android Project Revenge (Android)

    Project Revenge Google Play Download Link While in self quarantine, i decided to open my GMS 1.4 after 3 years of break and it really felt good to play around with game making again. So good that i decided to update to GMS2 and after while even purchased mobile module. I had plenty of...
  5. LCN

    Steam DEEP SPACE ANOMALY + FREE DLC [ Shoot 'Em Up with amazing sound ]

    Hello, dear GameMaker Community members.;) First a few words off-topic: My work was never connected with the development of games, but I always wanted to try my hand at this difficult matter, which has now become my favorite hobby. I participated in the development of a few games in GameMaker...
  6. Tony Brice

    Released Creepy Crawlies released

    Hi everyone, I've released my latest game which is, once again, a Syntax Bomb competition game. The categories I went for were Retro/Shooter and made my game similar to the old classic Centipede with a mix of Gridrunner. You can read about the competition here...
  7. L

    How to create a Camera

    Hi all I've just join today and started learning GML, I saw this game camera. I would like to clone it, I don't really know how to start coding this type of camera. The player can choose two different routes, then when the camera reaches a certain point it changes direction. the video is 8min...
  8. S

    GMS 2 I need help with homing missiles

    I'm making a shoot 'em up which is coming a long nicely, but I want to add homing missiles. It's easy enough to make the enemies shoot them, but I want them for the player. Everything online seems to be for Game Maker 1.4. I have a general idea what I need to do but it's not working.
  9. giraffeman210

    Free Score Attack Ninja 2

    Looking for an old-school arcade style shoot-em-up? Want a high score game where the score actually matters? Score Attack Ninja is back! After saving the castles from evil monsters its time for a well deserved rest. But not long after, an army of monsters can be seen marching towards the...
  10. A

    Any tips on setting up a scrolling background similar to Spyhunter NES?

    I know how to create a scrolling star-field background with random generated pixels for stars, but I can't grasp a good approach on how to make scrollable tiles like the Spyhunter NES game. Not asking how to make a tile-set, but how would someone make the background scroll, and keep collisions...
  11. RobertRamsay

    Asset - Graphics Shoot Em Up , Racing, Golf, Isometric and Pixels

    Projects and Graphics assets on my marketplace. Check them out here:
  12. Brodie

    Alpha There Will Be Ink - Tactical Action Shooter w. Local Co-op

    Hello there! There Will Be Ink is a tactical action game for 1-4 players. Play solo or with friends in 4 player battles between stick figure armies on a paper notepad, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! Here is a short trailer showing some gameplay: Features...
  13. P

    Animating frames are overlapping

    Hey, I'm pretty new to GameMaker and I'm having a bit of a problem. I'm making a SHMUP set in the ocean and I want to create a wave that trails behind the player when they move to the bottom of the screen. I was able to do this with an animated sprite, but each sprite frame stays on the screen...
  14. S

    Windows Ascended Dark Matter (Bullet Hell/Shoot Em' Up)

    Hello everybody <3 Demo Build Feb 23rd, 2019 Link: Company FB page: Gameplay Video: Be sure to watch it in 720p with 60FPS These are the controls: Ascended Dark Matter is a...
  15. mkyprice

    Steam Space Mayhem [Out Now!]

    Hey everyone! I've been making this game for the last 2+ years and finally released it on Steam today! It's my first game and I really hope you will enjoy it! Anyway, here's the trailer and description: TL;DR: TAKE ME TO STEAM GAMEPLAY - Space Mayhem is designed to be a simple but addicting...
  16. giraffeman210

    Free Score Attack Ninja UPDATE V.1.1

    Hello! I just released my first project called Score Attack Ninja! The idea was to make a simple yet addictive arcade style game. You throw ninja stars to defeat enemies who in turn give you points. survive long enough to get enough points and you clear the stage. The link below has more...
  17. mkyprice

     Space Mayhem [Pre-release]

    Hey everyone! I've been working on this game for a couple years now and am finally about to release on Steam. Before I release though, I would love some feedback on anything from the store page to the game itself (the workshop version since the game isn't out yet). Thanks for checking it out...
  18. A

    Save the Oceans - a fun blaster for PC and Mac - now with added source code!

    Hi there GameMakers, I would be very grateful if you could check out my very first game, Save the Oceans! Currently in Beta, it's available to download free for Windows and Mac at : Story. With the world gone to pot, and nobody giving a hoot about...
  19. S

    Cloud Cover: A simple shmup: Play it now!

    I had the weekend off, and I chose to use it the only way I know how and that's make a quick game. At first it started as simple art, because I wanted to make art. Then it turned into a simple game jam sort of thing. This project helps me get better at art. WHAT IS IT: Cloud Cover is a simple...
  20. N

    Favorite Arcade Games?

    Hello. My name is Nuss and I love old arcade games and I want to be able to create games that call back to the days where Coin-Op arcades were big. I was curious to know what your favorite arcade game might be! It can be new or it can be as old as pong! My favorite arcade games are Sunset...