1. Coded Games

    Distribution Appropriate places to share screenshots/videos of your game

    Hello all! So today I’ve been putting together a big list of social media places to share screenshots and videos about my game with a little more detail than “Twitter/Facebook/GMC” My primary goal is to find places where it is appropriate to share my game. I don’t want to be spamming random...
  2. P

    GMS 2 Facebook dialogue open in app?

    Hi all, I've been programming my mobile game to make use of Facebook sharing. I'm using the Facebook dialogue function, and I've managed to get it working, but I have one major concern: the function opens the default browser on my mobile device. I would like it to open the Facebook mobile app...
  3. D

    HTML5 Copying text to clipboard for SMS Share Gamemaker Studio 2

    Hello all, I've been building a game that is playable on both mobile and desktop browsers, the issue now is I am trying to create share functionality on the games end screen. I have found useful extensions where I can push users to a social media URL, so that's not a problem. My main issue is...
  4. R

    Legacy GM Screenshot sharing

    Can I share screenshots with screen_save (or screen_save_ext) and facebook_dialog() functions combined? How to do this? thx :)