1. sercan

    Discussion Why do some certain mobile features not come as built in GMS2?

    Hi, I am using GMS2 only for creating mobile games. I have android and IOS export, no any other. You know, almost all of mobile games, has basic icons as share, iap, leaderboards, achievements, etc. Looking at the purposes, many of them works in a same way I mean you tap share and a screenshot...
  2. K

    Windows Can I share my copy of GameMaker Studio 2 on Steam with my friends?

    And also, how can we work together on a singe project at the same time?
  3. sofaspartan

    Let's Share Our Musical Creations

    Hello all, I've created this thread for you all to share your musical creations. This includes songs and sounds of any kind. This is a low pressure, friendly environment for music composers and music lovers to come together and have fun while supporting each other in the process. All levels of...
  4. RyanC

    Android Posting to Facebook & Twitter via the URL Method

    Hi Guys, I've recently implemented some post sharing on various social media for in-game rewards to help my app get exposure when released and I'm having some issues with opening the Facebook app. Example url
  5. Ali Alhosani

    iOS GMS2 post high score in twitter

    Hi all, I think am missing something here, I am trying to have a button if clicked it will open twitter post. it works fin in Windows but not in IOS. the code used is any one can advise please?
  6. J

    Android Multiple Cloud Saving

    Hi ! I need some help : I'm building multiple games for android. Each one is a part (or a chapter) of a big story. Basically, i want to share Cloud saved data beetween each of this games. Exemple : In chapter 1 my player won 1500 point of xp. I'm saving it on the cloud. Then my player is...
  7. sercan

    Android using extensions

    Hi, I got some free extensions from marketplace. One of them is about share. What do I have to wirte in left released event of share button to make work that share extension on android? could you please explain clearly what is external_define and external_call for? Now I have the extension in...
  8. sercan

    Android Share, rate and leaderboard buttons

    Hi, Is there anywhere explaining how to make share, rate and leaderboards buttons work for android apps? Actually I have idea for rate and leaderboard but share is missing. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  9. H

    Job Offer - Programmer (Filled/Closed) Facebook Share/Log in on Android Game

    Hi Game Maker Community. I'm Fotis, an indie developer. I've made 2 games on GMS untill now and I work on my 3rd one. It is a Super Mario like platformer sidescroller. The game is almost completed (just to make some more stages), regarding the game engine, the graphics and the music. The only...
  10. M

    Legacy GM [Help] Accessing variables from different objects

    NOTE: I am new to the Game Maker language and don't have any noteable experience with sharing variables from different objects and instances! I have the following problem: I have been unsuccesfully trying to access a variable that checks collision from a different object Error I'm...
  11. M

    About sharing or downloading a file

    Hello friends, Please like to know a code to share or download an image of my app, for example by clicking on the image of my app appears the option to share to social networks or option to download on the device and then share. Thank you
  12. J

    facebook_dialog() question

    Hi guys, I just can't figure this out. I am trying to post something on the wall of facebook. Here is what I did. wallPostMap = ds_map_create(); //create the ds_map that stores all the information ds_map_add(wallPostMap...
  13. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension Share Image Android

    Share Image Android Marketplace: Primal category: Extension Price: $4.99 Modules: Android Support: Description: Now you can Share your ScreenShoots, Photos, and other Images! Also we give you a TextShare...
  14. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension Share Text Android

    Share Text Android Marketplace: Primal category: Extensions Price: $0.99 Modules: Android Support: Description: Share Texts and URL's in your android game! Easy to use! Only one Line...
  15. johnwo

    What are you working on?

    So, what are you working on at the moment? Post a screenshot and show us! I'm working on a game that uses a GML-implementation of spriter that I wrote. I have a bunch of scripts that load the scon (spriter JSON), parses it, loads the sprites on-the-fly, loads animations, ect. Spriter...