1. zendraw

    GMS 2 draw surface over sprite

    i want to draw a surface over a sprite in a way that the sprite`s alphas are applied to the surface so the surface is like cut based on the sprite. i have some code from before that doesnt work now for some reason. draw_self(); if (surface_exists(surf)) { draw_surface_ext(surf...
  2. Silversea

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Using a custom shape for a surface "mask". Is it possible?

    Hi all, Is it possible to use draw_set_blend_mode(bm_subtract) to create a non-rectangular mask on a surface? Here is an example of what I'm trying to do. I have a grey surface, and a white surface. The grey surface is the background, and the white surface is on top. I want to cut the white...
  3. J

    Windows In which measure do I must define the fixture points position?

    I'm having a very anoying time trying to define points for a polygon shape fixture through code. After a while I noticed that I couldn't just cupy the coodinates from the shape editor because when you define them trough code, the reference point is the sprite offset, that's right, but I also...
  4. acidemic

    GML Check if a shape is convex/concave & get an angle between three points

    GM Version: GM:S 1.x | GMS 2.x Target Platform: All Download: N/A Summary: Use following code to find out whether a shape is convex or concave. It can be placed in "User" action of an object and run on request. Shape coordinates must be supplied as DS List in a 'list' variable. End result is...
  5. D

    GML Physics question

    So I'm trying to create something simple using the physics engine. I want any physics object (like a ball, square, triangle, players, etc) to stay on the platform and move with it when the platform itself moves vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Anytime I move the platform itself, the...