1. D

    GMS 2 Shaking and tearing objects when view moves too fast

    Hello. I'm working on a space themed game where the camera follows the player but the obj_player goes at such fast speeds that the interface UI windows (which can be dragged and moved with the mouse) that follow the camera view start to shake when when I click and drag them across the screen...
  2. gibsonfan2332

    GMS 2 Camera Follow Player, Sprites are Shaking/Vibrating. Rounding x and y only causes direction/motion problems.

    I am trying to make a simple boat object with a camera that is following the player from the top/behind. Basically when you turn your boat, it stays right in the middle of the screen, and the world is what appears to be moving because the camera is following the player as well as rotating along...
  3. gibsonfan2332

    GMS 2 Rotating and Moving the Camera View to the Player Object. Jittering/shaking Sprites

    I am attempting to make a top down game with a boat/ship and the camera stays above/behind the players boat. I currently have a camera object that is locked on to the player object so that the player stays in the middle of the view. Basically when I turn the ship, the whole room is turning on...
  4. D

    Legacy GM How to stop sprite from shaking when following the player object?

    I have an object set up to specifically follow the player object around my game and for some reason the follower object is always shaking when it follows the player and when the player stops moving. If anyone could help me figure out why it keeps doing this and to solve this issue I would be...
  5. N

    We've got a problem about a moving character

    Hello ! I'm doing with an amazing guy a pointn click game, and we've got a significant problem. When we click in the right place where we want the character to go, he goes without problems, but when he stops, he starts shaking without stopping. Moreover, when it enters in collision with an...
  6. M

    Shaking text

    Well... i need to do a shaking text that every letter shakes apart from the rest (like Undertale) and i found a guy that posted a shaking text but it wasn't letter by letter, i tried EVERYTHING (changing that system) and i get something that don't works well (it's a bit bugged and the text...