1. F

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Diagonal Object Shake

    So, I have a 64x64 object (matching sprite) which shakes at certain diagonals, but not all. I have tried many methods and watched many tutorials. I am pretty sure it is the object, not the camera, because it does this even when the camera is not moving. The ratio is constant, there is no zoom...
  2. M

    Screen shake effect in two-player split screen

    So I've tried a couple different screen shake scripts and they work just fine in my game in single player - that is, when there's just one single view that follows the player, but if i try to modify it to fit the two-player mode, it just doesn't work. (that is, when there is two views following...
  3. M

    Shaking text

    Well... i need to do a shaking text that every letter shakes apart from the rest (like Undertale) and i found a guy that posted a shaking text but it wasn't letter by letter, i tried EVERYTHING (changing that system) and i get something that don't works well (it's a bit bugged and the text...
  4. samspade

    Asset - Project Camera Asset Pack

    Available for GMS 2 Description This project contains a simple to use and flexible camera system that adds several important camera features such as zoom, shake, rotational shake, shake that works in delta time, resolution control, and more. It is designed to be easy to use. In addition to...
  5. giraffeman210

    Drag And Drop DnD How do you make the screen shake?

    I am using Drag and Drop and trying to make it so the screen shakes for one or two seconds when he runs into the wall. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!
  6. tamation

    Static Screen Shake

    Hey all, I've got a room in my game where the dimension is 128x72. The view in that room is also 128x72, how would I get a screen shake effect that can trigger in this space, going outside the view of the room to create the effect?
  7. L

    Player is little blurry when view moves horizontal

    Hi guys. I have a problem where my player is moving horizontal view works strange and player gets a little blurry. But if I set spd = 1 it goes normal, but too fast for me. I need floor number of speed but view ruins it. obj_player [CREATE EVENT] frame_delta = 60 / 1000000 * delta_time; spd =...
  8. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Camera jitter on view scroll/view follow

    Hello everyone, I get camera jitter when scrolling the view, and/or scrolling the view to follow an object (with what is probably very well known code by now), below. I've tried using floor on every aspect possible below, which does improve the result somewhat, but ultimately, if the scroll...
  9. S

    GMS 2 Shaked tiles effect

    Hi all! I'm developing game called Zzzz-Zzzz-Zzzz where player explore dreams. One of dreams implements shake tile mechanic. It should look like(starts from 9:18): Everything was OK at GMS1.4 until I've imported project at GMS2 I had a tileset which I used to create level. Then I had objects...
  10. G

    Legacy GM [Solved] Screen shake camera doesn't work

    Hello everyone, im new in this forum. I have a problem with the camera... if i follow my player the screen shake code doesn't work, but if i don't follow the player the code works fine. (The view[0] is enable) my object "obj_screenShake" have a step with next: view_xview[0] +=...