1. R

    Using shaders and not affecting everything on the surface[SOLVED]

    I started using shaders for the first time yay. So in my title screen room I've a shader but I don't want my menu and title to be affected by the shader, only the background. Should I make another surface and put the title and menu there? I'm not sure what the best way is to handle this. Any...
  2. FredFredrickson

    GMS 2 Using a texture in a shader, can't get it to work!

    So I am trying to write a shader that takes two textures and draws them over one another. I've worked it all out in Shader Tool (a program on Steam), but translating it into something workable in GameMaker Studio 2 is proving to be a hair-pulling, scream-inducing experience. I can't seem to...
  3. S

    Shaders Shaders and backgrounds

    Can i make a shader only appear in the background? I mean, below objects? I have i light ray effect but i only want it to be in the background. Thanks for the help :)
  4. Zerb Games

    Katana Zero | Normal mapping and lighting.

    So I really really really really really love both the feel and art-style of Katana Zero, a gamemaker game. If you haven't seen it just do a quick gameplay search, it is well worth it. Anyways, the game uses normal mapping on the character(s) and I'm wondering how I can pull that off myself...
  5. J

    Android Outline Stroke Shader For Overlapping Sprites

    I have overlapping sprites consisting of Head, 4 Limbs and a Torso that makes up a character. I would like to create a border around this character as a whole and not on its individual sprites as it is overlapping which looks funky. I used surfaces with the masking technique and it works like a...
  6. flyingsaucerinvasion

    [SOLVED] uniform float arrays GLSLES

    Hi. I'm trying to get a uniform array of floats into my GLSLES shader, but all I'm getting is sytax error warnings: How come the following doesn't work? uniform float some_array[8]; GMS 1.4.1763
  7. Geners

    Shader interfering with code?

    So I have this game where so far when I hit an enemy I want him to blink (Achieved with some timers setting alpha to 0 and then back to 1 again) and then while he is blinking i wanted him to be brighter or shine. I was able to make the sprite brighter when he is hit through a shader. Hazzah...
  8. Ayziak

    GMS 2 "Blurring" and individual drawn sprite?...

    So I've recently redone a bit of the shadows in my game to be more accurate. I've made it so that an object draws another object's sprite from the base and stretched it (with draw_sprite_pos) to dynamically match the light objects. (If my description wasn't clear, you can see it here: )...
  9. Shawn Basnett

    Shaders Necessary for Sunlight or not?

    For an upcoming project, we've been thinking about adding in sunlight. Something that would give the game more depth; light shining off of the player, light shining through holes in the wall. Something of the sort. I imagine Shaders are necessary to accomplish this, but I have absolutely no...
  10. C

    GMS 2 Custom Vertex Formats in Custom Vertex Shader

    I am trying to set up a triangle strip with a custom vertex format in GMS 2.0. I only want position and texture coordinates. It seemed simple enough, but I keep getting: This is not rocket science, but I don't understand what the problem is. I have boiled it down to be as simple as I can...
  11. Nathan Laing

    Shaders Mix two textures, Tex B over Tex A with transparency

    G'day all, I've been mixing all night for the past week. Just can't get this done--would love a hint! I am passing in two textures to a shader. They each get various calculations along the way, but at the end I get the desired textureA and textureB as separate vec4s. Without disturbing the...
  12. F

    Legacy GM a quick question regarding fullscreen

    Okay, so basically i was wondering if its worth attempting to optimize a game so that it the window can be fullscreened for a better game experience. So far my game isnt that bad if i fullscreen it. theres only a few problems that need to be solved. 1. I think the gui event causes some...
  13. F

    Shaders [SOLVED] My first outline shader

    Hey everyone, This is my very first post here. I'm having some issues with an outline shader i'm trying to use. I first tried this guy's code: but it didn't work (no outline at all: just my sprite). Then, I found this topic...
  14. P

    Discussion [PROPOSAL] Allow shaders to set line width and point size

    It would be really nice if we were able to set gl_LineWidth and gl_pointSize in shaders when drawing vertex buffers with pr_line... and pr_pointlist. This could lead to several applications, especially in 3D: cheap wires and ropes, 3D particle systems, etc.
  15. L

    Black Sprites using Shaders in Android

    hi, yesterday been studying Shaders and been getting the hang of it, specially Fragment shader. i created a sprite and it is only a white sprite with black outline, now the shader that i created change its colour to red and as i test it out, it is working fine in Windows Target, but when i try...
  16. P

    Shaders Shaders & Surfaces?

    After a question I asked a while back, I'm here again to get more info. What are shaders strengths / weaknesses compared to alternatives (if any)? What exactly are surfaces usually used for, and what are their strength / weaknesses or pros/cons versus any alternatives? Any good tutorials on the...
  17. T

    Discussion GMS2 Shaders Not Supported?

    Hey guys, I purchased GMS2 yesterday and started programming a shader today. When I went to test it I got an error saying that the shader was invalid. So I created a shader is compiled check like so: if (shader_is_compiled(shd_fireball)){ shader_set(shd_fireball)...
  18. M

    Shaders Normal mapping with tiles (Shaders)

    First of all, I am not very good in shaders to write everything on my own so I tried to find any information about normal mapping shaders in game maker as I wanted them so badly to see in my project and decided to stop on a quite good example from NapalmIgnition in thread...
  19. tamation

    [SOLVED] Simple way to pixelate the screen

    I'm looking for a way to pixelate everything on the screen, and then have the pixelation effect reversed. All in the span of about 1 second or less. I'm assuming this would be done with a shader, but the only shader I've found for this online has only been able to pixelate backgrounds drawn in...
  20. A

    Shaders WWH : Lighting system with normalmaps using shaders? Here are the things you need.

    WHAT, WHY, HOW : Lighting system WHAT? First of all, you need to know what are we talking about. The lighting system is a difficult yet necessary part of your game development. The light creates the WOW effect about your game. Unless you are doing a pixel art game, you probably wants normal...