1. S

    [SOLVED] Question about Pixel Shading

    How does Hyperlight Drifter achieve the smooth shading you see in this photo? Specifically, the seamless transition between purple on the right side of the tree, to pink on the left side of the tree? And the dark blue ground, gradually and seemingly without any...
  2. H

    Shaders Shader Error [SOLVED]

    Hey! I keep getting an error when I compile my game to HTML5. It says: The purpose of the shader is so when the game is paused, it draws a blurred screenshot of the game behind the pause screen. This is my code (this actually isn't my code I found it on the forums, I've got no idea how to...
  3. mar_cuz

    GMS 2 Can't Draw Circles With Shader Running

    Hi Guys, I have an issue where game maker can't draw circles when I'm running a shader. it is a simple colour shader. VSH shader code // // Simple passthrough vertex shader // attribute vec3 in_Position; // (x,y,z) //attribute vec3 in_Normal; // (x,y,z)...
  4. K

    Released Let Them Come

    Hi everyone, my first independent game Let Them Come launched on Steam and Xbox on October 3rd. Coming to PS4, iOS and Android in the coming weeks. Let Them Come is fast-paced pixel art shoot ‘em up that makes heavy use of shaders to achieve exciting lighting effects. Game Maker has been a...
  5. Jase217

    3D Using Shaders disables 3D Fog

    I'm hoping this is only a simple thing to fix, In my 3D game I use the default GPU Fog to obscure things in the distance, I also use a shader to tint sections of rooms in my game with a certain colour to make it lighter or darker. However if I use a shader on anything including just a normal...
  6. ForesterPL

    Shaders Please, help me with shaders!

    Hi! I'm new to shaders and surfaces in GM:S. I watched this tutorial on YT, what helped me to add a shader to my game. Everything works great! But now I need help. I don't know how to unaffect shader on some objects. Please, help me guys.
  7. K

    Shaders What's a good place to learn shaders?

    I'm absolutely hopeless for finding a good tutorial. Basic, easy-to-understand tutorials preferably, for obvious reasons. I really want to stick some kind of old scanlines/screen-burn type shader in my game but I don't know ):
  8. S

    Shaders Lighting shader using normal maps from multiple objects

    I've been experimenting with lighting using shaders and normal maps. I eventually want to have a scene where i have multiple lights reacting with objects and their normal maps. However I am unsure how to efficiently get multiple normal/diffuse maps into the shader. Heres a picture of what my...
  9. L

    Legacy GM shader not working properly on IOS

    I don't know much about shaders, but I currently use a color shader, which works fine, but now im trying to get this distortion shader to work and it comes out buggy on IOS anything to help me fix this problem?
  10. Poking Pug

    Question - Code What GLSL version is Studio v2 using?

    Hi all! I saw that v2 of Studio now has nice and simple ways of creating your own vertex and fragment shaders, but nowhere in the manual did I see the current supported version of the GLSL syntax. For all target platforms it says we can use GLSL ES and it also mentions that for HTML5 we need...
  11. jf_knight

    Shaders [solved]Shader pow function

    I'm working on a shader that contains the line: float s = mix(r.x, (sin((iTime * 2.5 + 60.0) * r.y) * 0.5 + 0.5) * ((r.y * r.y) * (r.y * r.y)), 0.04); color += pow(s, 70.0) * (1.0 - v); When I try to compile, it gives me an error saying I should use abs on the "s" variable because the base...
  12. lolslayer

    3D volumetric lighting (god rays)

    So I've been working on a volumetric lighting effect, and I've successfully achieved it with post-processing. Post-processing does have it's downsides and I did recreate this effect in forward-rendering, but I can't find a way to make it look nice as of yet. Therefore I'm sharing a video using...
  13. Erayd

    Shaders This error code makes no sense

    Vertex Shader: shdBlend at line 19 : '�' Can anyone tell me what exactly is going on with this error code? I am thoroughly thrown off by this. I can't even type that symbol. Vertex Shader Code: #define TWO_PI 6.28318530718 attribute vec3 in_Position; // (x,y,z) attribute...
  14. Turkish Coffee

    Shaders [Programming] Shaders

    Hey, The thing is, the shaders aren't just used to create shadows as I read from around. So what they can do more? What did you use them for in the past?
  15. D

    Shaders Getting pixelate shader to look right

    I'm trying to apply the pixelate shader (free from the marketplace) to one of my objects. However, it's not looking right. Drawing a circle with the shader on doesn't seem to have any effect, and drawing my sprite just kind of results in a chunky mess. I'm not entirely sure what I should be...
  16. Y

    Legacy GM game turns black after deleting shader object

    so I'm using shaders for the first time. but after I remove the object that is making it. for some reason my entire screen turns black. here is the code: /create application_surface_draw_enable(0); bloomIntensity = shader_get_uniform(shdr_bloom, 'intensity'); bloomblurSize =...
  17. MIchael PS

    Legacy GM What about shader DISTORTION ?!!!

    HELLO EVERY ONE!!! I have a request that I can't figure out my self. I know GML (and actually well enought) but it wasn't more than two weeks ago when I started working with shaders. Is anyone out there knows how to make a shader that makes your screen (intotal : rooms,objects,bgs,particles)...
  18. jf_knight

    Design Shaders and credit

    When working on a commercial game, how does one go about crediting shader code you find on websites such as or ? Does it even need to be credited?
  19. Roa

    GMS 2 unable to render 2nd perspective view

    kinda hit a strange road block in GMS2 today. I'm trying to use a depth buffer, but in order to get that far, I need another camera and perspective into the world. For some reason, the second camera is always static and flat unless I place it in the same object as the first rendered perspective...
  20. W

    GML [SOLVED] Need help with using sprite_get_texture with shaders

    In this example here (under the title "Arbitrary clip area via shaders"), @YellowAfterlife explains how to create a sprite clipping mask from a surface texture. I'm trying to make it work with a sprite texture, but for some reason it isn't working. My code is more or less the same as the...