1. The-any-Key

    Shaders Get destination color to shader

    I want to get the destination color to a shader so I can manually blend it with the source color using (bm_one,bm_zero) as blend mode so the destination color wont be processed again after the shader. But I have trouble of getting the destination color because I don't know how calc the texture...
  2. Azenris

    Legacy GM [Solved] Shader Uniform Not Setting

    Hi ! I have a problem I'm not understanding. Am I allowed to change a uniform more than once ? ATM i have the following code. var from; var to; var horizontal = false; from[0] = bloom_surface; to[0] = blurred_bloom_surface; from[1] = blurred_bloom_surface...
  3. Azenris

    Legacy GM [Solved] Multi target rendering

    So I'm attempting to get MTR to work. varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; void main() { vec4 colour = v_vColour * texture2D( gm_BaseTexture, v_vTexcoord ); gl_FragData[0] = colour; gl_FragData[1] = vec4( 0, 0, 0, 1 ); } This fails with the error: array index out...
  4. Bingdom

    Shaders Making vertex buffers pixelated

    Hello GMC, So from my understanding, vertex buffers/ primitives are shot straight to the GPU. Ignoring all game resolutions and only using your monitor's display resolution. I know to get texture coords, it's v_vTexcoord. I'd like to know an equivalent or similar way to this. The problem I'm...
  5. Freddie The Potato

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Shader makes everything invisible in 3D game

    Heya, I've run into a problem whilst developing a shader for a 3D game. The shader is intended to create a kind of "colored glass" effect, wherein everything viewed through the object using the shader will be colorized with the specified color. However, calling this shader via shader_set()...
  6. Freddie The Potato

    Legacy GM Draw Screen Into Surface / Using the Application Surface

    Heya! I've been trying to find a way to convert the application surface into a texture so I can use it in shaders. However, any attempts to draw this surface texture result in the image being repeated into infinity. This is an undesirable effect, as I want the surface to be drawn a single time...
  7. Freddie The Potato

    Shaders 3D Shader - Modify color of pixels below a plane

    Heya! I've been playing around with some simple shaders and was hoping to tackle something a little more complex. However, I've been unable to find any resources that pertain to what I'm looking for. A 3D shader that modifies the color of pixels that are viewed through a 3D plane. For example...
  8. C

    Shaders Mode 7 Shader Issue

    I was making a shader to simulate the super Nintendo's Mode 7, and it more or less worked, but whenever I squished the image, another sprite would appear along side it as if it was part of that image. The two images are not part of the same sprite and I don't currently call the other sprite...
  9. Binsk

    GMS 2 3D MRT Blending issues

    EDIT : This post is Hella old, no longer working on a solution. This is probably a stupid topic but my brain is too fried to think right now. I'm looking for suggestions to effectively overcome this small problem. I have some models with relatively large amounts of materials that thus require...
  10. D

    quick question: why do shaders **** up my room view

    whenever I use shaders my view gets really up close and the character doesn't allign to the middle of the screen, even if I don't have views enabled. when I'm not using the shader everything works just fine. has anyone had this problem before and know a solution? tell me if more info is needed.
  11. Jochum

    How to implement .yymp?

    Hi programmers, I'm trying to implement this market asset into my game: I never worked with shaders before and I can't find a clear answer on how to implement a .yymp file. Does anyone can give me a step plan for doing this? Thanks...
  12. T

    Need Help With Trying To Make Shaders Affect Certain Objects

    So, I have been working on a game in Game maker studio lately and have run into an issue. A huge aspect of this game is that when you interact with objects (such as beating an enemy) a radius of color would appear in this previously black and white game. Doing some research, I believe the best...
  13. Xor

    Shaders [Solved] MRTs in HLSL 11

    Hello! I'm trying to write a Multiple Render Target shader for our game, Xodusse, and I'm having trouble figuring out the HLSL 11 syntax. I am currently using HLSL 9, but I want to rewrite the shader for GameMaker Studio 2. I can't find any information on the syntax so I'm kind of just guessing...
  14. F

    Shader Syntax Error

    Hi. I am extremely new to shaders, and am trying to use one as a palette system for my game. I watched a tutorial, and heavily modified the base code, and am getting a syntax error when I try to compile it. However, the line on which the syntax error occures is identical to the base code, which...
  15. trentallain

    Shaders Blue magic effect

    Is there a way I can have this sort of effect near the edges of the view? I have no experience with shaders. Would someone be able to help me achieve this?
  16. kraifpatrik

    Shaders Depth ordered with statement

    Hey everyone, throughout the time working with shaders in GM, I've found it convenient to set the visible property of all objects that I want to apply a shader on to false and then simply draw the objects in a single renderer object with shader_set(myShader); with (myObject) { // draw...
  17. Bingdom

    Portfolio - Programming Technical Programmer!

    (The art is inspired by Kingdom, but everything is coded and drawn by me. Made with game maker) About me Hello, I'm James, and I've been passionate about creating games. I've been on my game development journey ever since I was young. I currently study Computer Science. Since I've started...
  18. A

    Graphics Intro to Shaders in GameMaker

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 (should work on GMS1.4 though) Target Platform: ALL Download: DEMO File Links: Intro to Shaders in GameMaker Studio 2 Summary: Shaders are often used to create beautiful graphical effects in games. They are also among the most advanced features offered by...
  19. S

    Shaders Burnt out on this shader error

    Hey yall, just really need a second (or more) pair of eyes on this because i'm not sure what i'm missing. Trying to make a 2d directional spotlight effect with a shader. Heres the SpotLight() function that does the lighting calc. Heres the Main() of the shader so you can see how SpotLight()...
  20. C

    Shaders Using shaders for parellel computing

    Hey guys! I've been working on a project that involves something along the lines of cellular automation. Simply put, I need to perform steps on every cell in a grid that may be as large as 100x100. Sure I could run a loop of some kind and perform operations on every cell that way (each cell is...