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  1. Wile94

    GMS 1.4 Shader/Texture interpolation on fullscreen trouble

    Hi, so basically I'm testing the code from this video: In the create event I have something like this: color_sets = 4; color_row_index = 1; v_offset = shader_get_uniform(shdr_palette_swap, "Offset"); v_normal = color_row_index/256; palette_swap_sampler =...
  2. V

    GMS 2 Fullscreen Motion Blur

    Hey, guys. I was wondering if anybody has some motion blur scripts or shaders to blur everything visible. I can script code to motion blur individual objects and it looks great, but I'd love to see it all blur.
  3. muddrox

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Shader works wrong on Mac

    Hello, there everyone! I developed a shader that makes any sprite a solid color. It works wonderfully on windows. However, this shader fails to work the same way on Mac. On Mac, the shader effect produces a weird, staticy, rectangular effect over the sprites that are drawn with it. I have...
  4. Rekenq

    Question - Code Mobile Browser Shaders & WebGL

    Hi forum! I'm developing an HTML5 game, that is supposed to run on both Desktop and Mobile browsers. Within this project, various shaders are used and I've been having some troubles, specifically on mobile browsers. Shaders on mobile browsers end up drawing black images or not event drawing at...
  5. TorradaIsToast

    Windows Shaders are broken [SOLVED]

    I've been having this problem for more than 6 months now and it's just really annoying, the shaders don't work at all,not even the official demo (Yoyo Dungeon) with shaders isn't working and the only thing that gamemaker gives to me about this problem is this (when i try to test the game) and...
  6. P

    GMS 2 Shaders lose transparency when I use game_reset

    I made a shader for my character so I could swap its palette, and it works fine when I first run the game, but when I use game_restart, the transparent background turns black. Run from Gamemaker: game_restart: Shader fragment code: // // Simple passthrough fragment shader // varying...
  7. w0rm

    [SOLVED] Shader issue

    I have a project where I have set a shader to draw a circle segment. I'm using a sprite with size of 1x1 pixel for this and scale it to proper size. Everything works fine but the whole thing gets nuts the minute I add a second sprite to the project. After that my shader code is still applied but...
  8. Carloskhard

    GMS 2 Using shaders vs draw for tinting the whole screen.

    So I've make an effect that makes the whole screen tints red. So far I was doing it by drawing a red rectangle over the whole camera space but my camera in the game rotates a lot and drawing always at the right position and angle is hard. Should I try using shaders for tinting the whole camera...
  9. atma505

    GMS 2 Using Shaders for Sprites in 3D

    I'm looking into methods for having sprites "face" the camera when projecting in 3D. In GMS1, I drew a wall using the sprite as its texture. I'm sure a similar effect could be achieved using vertices in GMS2. However, it seems that shaders have the capacity for manipulating the X, Y, and Z...
  10. N

    GMS 2 Light shader

    I wanted to make a shader for hovering over buttons, which made them lighter. v_vColour = vec4(in_Colour.r + 128, in_Colour.g + 128, in_Colour.b + 128, in_Colour.a); For some reason I can't use "+"-es. WHY?!?!!?
  11. N

    Understanding GLSL Shaders

  12. ConstaChymic

    Question - Code Default vertex & fragment shader when lighting is used?

    Hi. I'm wondering what default glsl scripts are used when you are drawing things in 3d and are using lights. I've been trying to make my own but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use any of the gl_* variables provided (bar a few such as gl_Fragcoord and gl_Position), as most of my...
  13. M

    Discussion [SOLVED] GMS2 "Shader Invalid" error when setting a shader

    Hey everyone, I was testing out some shaders in GMS2 today but unfortunately I am getting a really annoying error whenever I try starting my game. This is what I have in my Draw Event: shader_set( shd ); shader_reset(); The shader is the default shader template you get when creating one and...
  14. F

    Legacy GM Shader issues with HTML5 in Safari/Silk

    Apologies - I posted a variation on this problem before, but having spent a couple more days working on it, I wanted to raise it again in a more coherent manner. I've been testing my game on various browsers, and found that the shader I'm using doesn't work on iOS Safari or Amazon Silk. It...
  15. F

    Legacy GM How to turn off shader for specific browsers in HTML5

    My whole-surface shader doesn't display correctly (in fact, it doesn't display anything) in Safari or Amazon's Silk browser, but I can't seem to get it to switch off just for these browsers. I've tried the following: if (shader_is_compiled(shader)) { shader_set(shader)...
  16. F

    Legacy GM Shader interfering with interactivity?

    I'm trying to get caught up on shaders really fast, so there's a lot I don't really understand yet. I'm mixing together a few tutorials to get the result I want, which is basically a full screen gaussian blur on all of my text and objects. I'm using a tutorial shader that works fine in the...
  17. EvanSki

    Job Offer - Programmer {closed} Looking for some one to make some shaders for me

    So far I only need 2 Shaders, I will pay 80$ for both shaders I need one of a blurry dizziness (Like when your drunk) and one of smiley green stuff I want them to be able to be activated by a single line of code such as if (keyboard_check_pressed(vk_up)) { DO shader here } So...
  18. P

    Question - Code Mask Backgrounds - showing through a mask the background behind

    Hello, I've being trying to create a way to make a certain area of my level to show the background bellow. At the moment I have two layer of background, one with color (behind) and one without (front). my objective is to create a mask on the front background so i could see the behind background...
  19. Y

    normal blend [Solved]

    Hi, i have this problem that i tried to solve all day and i cant, the thing is i want to add an image to a surface, but the problem is that the alpha of the pixels overwrite the others so the images have holes. So i created a shader and try to blend this images in this way and i failed, the i...
  20. S

    Asset - Scripts EZ Shader - Simplify working with Shaders

    Hi everyone, Here is my shader interface library: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6348/ez-shader How does this help? When you use shaders in your game, you often want to be able to modify variables inside the shader. But in order to do this, you have to do a weird handshake to attach...