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  1. m0zzy

    iOS Shaders on iOS.?

    Hey! Just made a simple shader effect when ive killed the boss (the screen wobbles!) , But ive just tried it out on my iPhone and the screen goes blank, cant u do shaders on ios.?
  2. Heavybrush

    how to swap the color palette using shader and texture

    how to change the color of the application surface, using the texture?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_8-bit_computer_hardware_palettes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_8-bit_computer_hardware_palettes#/media/File:CGA_palette_color_test_chart.png...
  3. Heavybrush

    how to clear a shader to reset the regular application surface

    how to clear a shader to reset the regular application surface?
  4. W

    Android [SOLVED] Why am I getting a black saved image?

    Hi, I am trying to save 1,2, or both images in my game for ANDROID, when using screen_save_part all I get is a black image, the proportions are correct but just a black image is saved, If i use surface_save and draw the image to it it saves fine but I don't want that because I have shaders that...
  5. T

    Shader pass in variables in for loops

    Hi all, I'm working on shaders, specifically for a simple blur effect. I am passing in a variable u_Blur to the shader, so that if I get hit or something, the screen blurs for a bit and gradually goes back down. here's the code in my fragment: varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour...
  6. Tthecreator

    [shaders] different uniforms not working

    So my code is a little bit complicated so I've got my problem in short code form here: Scenario 1: shader_set(shader)//set shader shader_set_uniform_f(global.uniformid,value,value,value,value)//set uniform draw_A()//draw something...
  7. R

    Shaders Texture Coordinates on Mac & Linux

    Hey there! I've got a shader working on Windows that creates a sin wave effect on the image (feel free to use it, though I didn't really code it for readability/portability so it might be a little rough!). Unfortunately when I put it onto Linux it spits out gibberish. I'm thinking it's because...
  8. J

    Shaders 2d Planet shader?

    I am trying to figure out how to use shaders to make a 2d texture appear as a sphere with a shadow. I found this example that is exactly what I want and tried to make it work in gamemaker but am having problems. http://clockworkchilli.com/blog/2_3d_shaders_in_a_2d_world This is my first try at...
  9. Crispy

    Shaders Best way to use multiple shaders

    Hello Everyone, I've been getting into shaders recently and was wondering what's the best way of stacking up multiple shaders. I've got a couple of full screen effects that I want to layer up but its not as simple as drawing the application surface with each different shader. I've been getting...
  10. D

    Does application_surface affect other surfaces aswell?

    Hey, title says it all. So I tried to create a simple black & white shader. I wanted to make everything, except sprites I draw to certain surface, black & white. I set shader to application_surface and then draw sprites I want to keep in color to another surface. However, everything is black...
  11. M

    Shaders texture2D not working in vertex shader

    So I tried using what is written possible in the spec of GLSL ES (and I've done it before with regular GLSL) What I want to do is grabbing a point in a texture (using UV coordinates), multiply the vertex position by that, and lastly let the fragment shader draw it out. The vertex shader is as...
  12. Warrenaterz

    Shaders GLSL ES Shader Compatability

    Hey folks, So I'm working on a game in GameMaker in my spare time and I was coding a shader system for the game using the GLSL ES language. The game isn't in a testing period yet however I sent a copy to one of my relatives to let him have a go and his computer wouldn't run the game because of...
  13. Pixelated_Pope

    Asset - Shaders Retro Palette Swapper

    *Edit: I've taken the download links down. As I've began posting in more places, updating them all every release is a pain. You can get it on the marketplace or Itch.io, but if you'd like it for free, PM me or tweet at me and I'll send you a key for the Itch release. If you like this Asset and...
  14. Murr_

    Legacy GM Shader is not visible, when set too.

    So i was digging shader's some time a week ago. And now, i'm trying to do this thing <last topic ref.>. So i have a SURFACE which acts as a cloud atmosphere, which sets a shader (Gussian Blur) to make it more volumetric. (used Xor's shader for this, combined the x/y shader code together). I...
  15. C

    Shader showing up in the corner.

    So basically I'm trying to imitate the overlay effect that Photoshop has. I'm attempting to overlay a background overtop of my game screen. Basically the shader appears in the top left corner of the screen and is somewhat smaller than the actual screen size. That red square is the background...
  16. R

    Multiple attributes

    I've been trying to get a custom vertex format working in GLSL ES for about three days and i'm not getting anywhere because only the standard input attributes are getting mapped at all. How do I use multiple in_Positions? vertex_format_add_position_3d() vertex_format_add_position_3d()...
  17. F

    Shaders Alpha gradient on drawn text thru shader?

    Hihi! Building an RPG... thing. Was plunking along. Came across something I wanted to do that apparently would be easily solved by shaders, provided I learn how the heck to shaders. I gave it a good stab. It's not easy, because a lot of the learning about GLSL shaders doesn't -exactly-...
  18. C

    Shaders [Solved] Shaders behaving differently on Android

    Hello! I made a basic shader that creates a ripple effect, and while it looks really nice on Windows, when I test things out on Android, the shader goes out the window. It works similarly, but it looks as if the shader pauses every few frames, and the effect looks a lot choppier. I'm guessing...
  19. W

    Is there a function to get the color pallet of a sprite?

    Hi, so I looked in the manual but didn't see anything on extracting color pallets, what I'm trying to do is if the user loads a pencil art drawing (or single color pen), I'm going to use a hue altering based shader to turn the sprite into color, I figure if I can get the grayscale color...