1. A

    How do I get shaders to appear in every room my sprite is in?

    Hello everyone, I recently figured out how to implement dynamic lighting in my game. I followed a tutorial and the lights appear to be working fine in one room, but don't appear at all in the others. How can I fix this? Here is a video demonstrating my issue:
  2. Son-Benji

    Shaders Why is my color swap shader not working anymore since import?

    Hi, can someone please give me a little assistance? I’ve made a game with gamemaker 1.4, and had to convert the file to be compatible with gamemaker studio 2 (for mobile release). I have colour swap shaders that worked perfectly before, but now they give me this effect/result. What is it...
  3. Son-Benji

    Question - Code Shaders not working correctly after import from 1.4

    Hi, can someone please give me a little assistance? I’ve made a game with gamemaker 1.4, and had to convert the file to be compatible with gamemaker studio 2 (for mobile release). I have colour swap shaders that worked perfectly before, but now they give me this effect/result. What is it...
  4. Coded Games

    Shaders Shader to create an outline around a primitive.

    So my game uses a lot of primitive shapes that are draw every frame because they animate and change shape constantly. This animation has been the main reason I have not used vertex buffers as it seems like I can't really resize a shape after creating the buffer. A lot of these shapes have...
  5. P

    GMS 2 Please, help optimizing my shader

    I have recently posted a thread where I had asked to help me making one shader, now I guess I have understood how to make it, but as I am very poor at Shading Language(GLSL if I am not mistaken), I really have troubles with syntax, so here is the working shader code and I will aslo attach the...
  6. P

    GMS 2 Shader for the entity cursor

    Hello everybody, I apologize to the forum stuff for my previos post, but I need help again. Fortunately this time it's much much more constructive: I just ahve no idea how to make good shader. I mean I know how to use and write them, but I don't know how to make the content of the shader this...
  7. witches

    SOLVED Dynamic Outline Shader from Surface

    Hey all. So I'm working on an outline method where I sample a surface texture of a couple of sprites and send that through a basic outline shader and basically clear and repeat. So far it works well, but there's a tiny outline of my sprites being created even when they're both being drawn onto...
  8. _ttu

    Windows Shaders don't compile

    Hi, I've run into a strange issue with my project, created with GMS 1.4: some Windows 10 Pro 64 bit PCs can't compile GLSL ES/HLSL 9 shaders. First I check shaders_are_supported() and get 'true' as a response on both PCs. Then I do shader_is_compiled() for both shaders (GLSL ES and HLSL 9)...
  9. Slothagami

    SOLVED Custom Shadow Color?

    I have been battling with the shadows in my games for quite a while now and can't seem to do this myself, I want to have shadows for each object, in the shape of their object, and using a different color based on the color behind the shadow (to fit with the color palette) I am very new to...
  10. P

    Team Request Artist with Shader Knowledge Needed

    Hello GameMakers, I am a programmer in the small team of 2 soundmakers artist and me. Together we are developing game called "The Bottom". As I don't want to make this post too long I will not explain all the Lore and Game World here, instead I will combine a few words with my Final Draft...
  11. L

    GMS 2 Draw failed due to invalid input layout

    Re-Edited post to get to the point. Gamemaker Studio 2 IDE version: v2.2.5.481 Runtime Version: v2.2.5.378 Platform: Windows This script below, I believe interferes with ANY shader when used together(could be due to old code - minor alterations from this script: Click Here) I've narrowed it...
  12. Jochum

    GML Show sprite on collision only (Shader?)

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to show a sprite on the place that it collides only. This way I can create a type of shadow from one planet on top of the planets underneath: The shadow is created by showing the same sprite, making it black and lowering the alpha. Screenshot: Hopefully, someone...
  13. P

    GMS 2 Draw Sprite Part Extended Need Help

    So I am not very familiar with shaders but I have watched and read most neccesary tutorials to understand how they work. I need my shader for drawing laser weapon aim. The laser weapon needs to be charged before shooting, this is why I want my aim to show the current charge by filling the inside...
  14. D

    How to use shaders to make parts of an object transparent based upon contact with another object?

    I am trying to make a game in GameMaker 2 where objects become transparent depending on the object behind them. I currently have it so I am just checking each step (within the object to become transparent) whether in contact with the background object and then setting alpha to 0.5 if true. Here...
  15. S

    SOLVED How to change the colour of an outline shader?

    I've followed Shaun Spalding's tutorial at youtube[dot]com/watch?v=zWrpHbc6fmc, which basically sets up a one-pixel outline for sprites using shaders. Currently, the outline is black. How do I change this? I've tried messing with gl_FragColor but it either messes up the transparency (no longer...
  16. J

    GMS 2 Getting texture data in vertex shader?

    I recently purchased GM:S 2 with plans to make a 2d-3d hybrid game for Windows. For the 3d portion I would need high-performance 3D dynamic height maps as I'd like to maximize rendering speed. Rendering a static heightmap is no issue for me, but I want it dynamic. I experimented with shaders...
  17. N

    GMS 2 Please Help Light up Certain Areas in the Room

    Hi, I have found tutorials for lighting up a certain object, to make the room around them darker and a small area around an object brighter, but I can't find anything regarding areas of the room, like coordinates. My goal is to have a lighting system like Enter the Gungeon, where if the player...
  18. Archdemon

    Shaders and Surfaces quick question

    So I am making a little platformer with my nephew (trying to get him into programming; he seems to have a liking for it.) And I am using shaders and surfaces within a single room at the moment, but I am noticing that the shader seems to also affect the surface making for some let's just say...
  19. TheOakNuggins

    GMS 2 [help] Create enchant FX similar to minecraft

    I have this bow sprite and I want to make it look like the enchanted tools in minecraft. I have no idea how to go about this with shaders. Desired effect:
  20. gengo

    [Tool] Protect your shaders

    Download: Github: Versions: GM:S2 Maybe youve already heard of this, but GM:S2 stores your shaders in plain text inside win files, making them easy to extract for anyone interested Turns out that the...