1. gengo

    [Tool] Protect your shaders

    Download: Github: Versions: GM:S2 Maybe youve already heard of this, but GM:S2 stores your shaders in plain text inside win files, making them easy to extract for anyone interested Turns out that the...
  2. M

    GMS 2 how to make change only part of an objects alpha in a collision?

    i'm trying to make a space rocks game where when the level changes all of the rocks turn rainbow from the centre of the screen. the way i thought of doing this is to have two objects that take up the entire screen, the bottom one being white most of the time, and playing a rainbow animation...
  3. Azenris

    GMS 2 Repeat Sprite Edge [ Solved]

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with repeating the edge of a sprite. Kinda like how the inbuilt texture-packer-thingy-ma-bob makes a border. Currently I draw my sprites with draw_sprite_pos. for ( var _s = 0; _s < _spr_images; ++_s ) { var _si = ( _first_emissive_sub_image ? 0 : _s...