1. D

    Android Shader Compilation Error on Android only

    Hi I am using a custom shader which is working fine on macOS platform. But when I try to run my game on Android, the shader_is_compiled() function results in false. My issue is that I am unable to find what is the shader compilation error on Android. There is no information in GMS studio...
  2. Finbox Entertainment

    Shaders [SOLVED] Shader uniform not passing the values to the shader on Android device

    Hello, I have the following code on my main object which draws the sprites. ####################### DRAW EVENT OF MAIN OBJECT ######################### shader_set(shd_colorchange); shader_set_uniform_f(shader_get_uniform(shd_colorchange, "u_v4_wantedColor"), 1.0, 0.0, 1.0)...
  3. Josi Craft's

    Asset - Shaders shader graph for gamemaker?

    are there any of you who know a program just like shader graph but for game maker studio 2.3
  4. Fanatrick

    Asset - Shaders GMDrip - 2D Waterfalls

    Marketplace: Description: GMDrip uses shaders to give your textures a good looking flowing drip effect for things like waterfalls in 2D games. Dynamically customizable size, color, alpha, refraction, blurring, translucency, and intensity...
  5. angelwire

    Asset - Scripts AEColorMask - Apply color to sprites with pixel-perfect precision [free]

    AEColorMask is a shader with a collection of scripts that let you apply a color to specific sprite areas using a mask Marketplace Link: With these scripts and shader you can color objects to add variety to your game...
  6. gats1212

    Blur Shader on Transparent Image

    Hey guys. I'm using a blur shader to ehh blur layers that are closer to the camera. However this process is not working as intended because there are grey outlines. However I was looking why is this happening and I found that this happens because the blur shader is not intended for transparent...
  7. N

    HTML5 build: Fragment shader compilation problem on Chrome

    Hello, I am currently trying to do some performance tests with HTML5, so I have made a very minimalist project that includes: - 0 sprite - 2 objects which draw text, one resizing the game window to somehow fit the browser size - 1 room with a black background and one instance of each objects...
  8. BELLER Lab

    GMS 2 Android Devices shader surface_copy problem

    Hi ! I'm trying to use a black hole shader that I found online (Made by flyingsaucerinvasion) on Android Device, the shader code is pretty simple (I just modified it to do a simple Alpha Transition) but the problem come from the Draw Event of the Black Hole : if(!surface_exists(surf)) surf =...
  9. O

    SOLVED Loading a surface texture into a shader

    Hi All, I'm pretty new to shaders, and relatively new to coding (this is my first game) so this may be really simple to solve. Basically, I'm making a top down space combat game (think asteroids type movement), where one of the ships can produce a "Gravity Wave". I want this effect to be...
  10. GoldenLeaf

    GMS 2 Newbie Needs Helping Drawing Shapes with Shaders

    So real quick, this is my first post on here and my first attempt at a project, so I apologize in advance if this has been covered before, if this is in the wrong section, if there is some formatting or other nuances I get incorrect, or if I just flat out sound dumb, lol. Noob trying to learn...
  11. M

    Tilt Shift Shader

    Hi guys! I would like that things in my game look very small (miniature). The effect (shader) i'm looking for is called "tilt shift". With a simple blur-gradient things look like miniature (at the very top of the image a strong blur... with increasing y coordinates less blur.... in the middle...
  12. JeanSwamp

    Apply Shader to everything within a sprite_width && sprite_height area

    Hello, I am trying to make some underwater effect in a sidescrolling game. Applying a fullscreen shader to create an underwater effect is pretty easy, but when you have in the same screen both water and terrain, this might get tricky. Basically I need to apply the shader to everything that the...
  13. S

    Apply shader on specific layer or object?

    Hey i'd like to know how to apply shaders only on specific layers or objects. Thanks for the help! :D
  14. NeZvers

    SpritePalettizer - free html5 tool for color changing pixel art assets

    SpritePalettizer is a free html5 tool and 2$ for a desktop app (Win/ Linux/ Mac). Get it I've included GameMaker:studio2 shader code example and example project (provided by Xordev on twitter) on how to use color swapping with color set textures (not...
  15. E

    3D Texturing cubes with Multiple Textures?

    I'm working on a game right now that I want to be a simple 3D platformer, using cubes/prisms made from vertex buffers for the terrain. My problem is the way I want to texture the terrain differs based on how the terrain is shaped. Something like this below: I understand I might not be able...
  16. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Black silhouette when using shader

    Well this is my first time trying to use shaders, so basically I went to yoyo marketplace and downloaded a shader for example(in this case im using a shader that creates scanlines on the screen). I imported only the shader files(I hope this is ok), and went to my draw event in a test object, and...
  17. JapanGamer29

    Shaders Shader to lighten or darken a sprite?

    Hi all, I've been using image_blend to highlight puzzle pieces in my game, but it only works well with some colors, not others. I have a grayscale shader which I found here ages ago, and I'm able to change the values so that it lightens or darkens, but I can't figure out how to remove the...
  18. Carloskhard

    GMS 2 Can't use shader inside surface

    So is this something related to GML? I have a surface that I can draw with a shader, but if I draw that surface inside another surface, the shader doesn't apply. Any insights?
  19. J

    Shader resolution problems

    I'm pretty new to shaders and have used a guide to create an entire-screen underwater wavey effect. Works perfectly both in windowed mode and 16:9 rooms in fullscreen (my monitor resolution is 16:9). But on rooms that are in 4:3, rather than give me my black bars on either side in fullscreen...
  20. mbeytekin

    Texture2DLod doesn't work in vertex shader?

    I can't get any colors from texture2dLod in vertex shader? How we use texture2dLod function in GameMaker? My example code like that in vertex shader; attribute vec3 in_Position; varying vec2 fragCoord; varying vec4 Colour; uniform vec3 iResolution; uniform sampler2D tfm; void main() {...