1. LittleAngel

    Job Offer - Programmer Programming an extension

    Hi, I am looking for a programmer who could program a mipmapping for Game Maker Studio v1.4.9999. I know there have been mipmapping extensions before, but either they can't be found, or they don't work with this version of GM. MishMash had created such an extension which was perfect. No...
  2. M

    GMS 2.3+ I want to know how to exempt draw_surface for GUI or Obj

    My problem is my GUI and Portrait is always dark when i used surface or shader (Image is below) I want GUI and Portrait always set default color please help (are there any function or ways to solve this?) GUI and surface they are already different instance layer (GUI is above surface)
  3. P

    SOLVED How to draw alpha gradient?

    Hello everybody, stuck with one problem during the game development: in our game there are 2 portals spawning enemies located on the opposite ends of the map, so, we need some way to notify player when the enemy is spawned from the portal out of his view sight: I actually imagined it somewhat...
  4. 0TastyPie0

    GMS 2.3+ Need Help with a Dither Shader

    Hello, I'm looking to make a shader for my 2D black-and-white game which will turn any gray hue pixels (often caused by alpha) into a dither pattern, the "stronger" the dither pattern, the darker those pixels will seem. It's basically the same effect that is used in "Return of the Obra Dinn"...
  5. P

    GML Apply surface only on part of screen

    Recently I came upon this CRT filter and wanted to use it in my project. Essentially how it works is through one object, which draws the filter in the Draw GUI event. Here four passes are done to run each component of the filter (downscaling, scanline filter, screen distorting and...
  6. Pelican Police

    HTML5 Shaders in Legacy Game maker and HTML5

    Compiled alongside each other for comparison. As you can see, the vignette is not present in HTML5. Did shaders not work in HTML5 exported from 1.4 or am I doing something wrong? Are there any quirks I should know?
  7. C

    Shader gaps when using gpu_set_texrepeat(true);

    I have spent a good 12 hours working with shaders at this point. The main problem I have is while I do have the desired look and feel of my shader (used for fog), there are gaps in the middle and on the sides of the shader. This is not the desired effect, and I cannot for the life of me figure...
  8. Alemar5

    Could you help me with a reflection and water distortion shader?

    Hello friends, this is my first time in this community, so hello hehe, I am developing an rpg and I would like to have a shader that makes a reflection and a distortion in the water, I would like it to be similar to this: https: / /
  9. Heavybrush

    Shaders GLSL 1Bit Dithering Shader work perfectly in all the shader editors but not compile properly in gms

    Hi guys I'm getting into the shaders, I love them but I'm not so good to understand what is going on varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; uniform vec2 resolution; uniform float pixelSize; uniform float gamma; void main() { vec2 uv = gl_FragCoord.xy / resolution.xy; float...
  10. King

    SOLVED Getting "Assignment of an empty value (function does not return anything?)" ONLY when I try to build YYC (Android)

    So my game build fine on mobile when compiling using VM. But trying to build on YYC gives me an error for one of my pieces of shader code if (end_super_speed) { var u_time = shader_get_uniform(sh_speed_flashing_warning, "u_time") if ss_final_countdown >= 0 {...
  11. M

    SOLVED Drawing a Shader Meant for the Whole Screen on a Smaller Surface

    I'm 4 days into making my game and I want a glitch effect for when enemies are damaged, I found bktGlitch which is a really, really good shader from what I can tell. It is meant for use on the application_surface. However, I'd love to use it on my o_simpleEnemy. So I figured out how to make my...
  12. Minerkey

    Shaders causing ghosting on transparency

    I'm working on a game with a friend (Shadows and Sickles) and I've been implementing a few visual things including an image-rounding shader. Issue is (and this is a problem I've encountered with other shaders too) that when dealing with transparent objects using image_alpha or any alpha thats...
  13. M

    Saturation Shader [SOLVED]

    I have a de-saturation shader that works on instances. I want to draw the same shader over the floor to cover the floor tiles. I only want the shader to cover the walls and the floor, so drawing on the application surface is out. I've tried using surfaces but no luck. Any ideas on how to go...
  14. flykidsblue1

    Messed up collisions with distortion shader

    Hey everyone! I am working on a small side project that has to do with an operatin system knock off. I am using shaders to give the game a vintage look like the old macintosh screens. I am using a distortion shader to give that "fish eye" effect to the screen, however I noticed that applying...
  15. jf_knight

    Job Offer - Programmer Selective saturation shader needed.

    I am in need of a selective saturation pixel shader for a GameMaker Studio 2 project. I am willing to pay for a shader that can control the saturation and desaturation of Red, Blue, Green, Magenta, Cyan, Orange, Yellow, and Violet separately. If you are familiar with the “Afterlight” smartphone...
  16. Jam373

    SOLVED RGB Differences in Colour Picker

    I saw this used to be a bug but was supposedy fixed. I double-click a colour to open up the advanced colour picker menu, it gives rgba values. But if I click the colour again (next to where it says the hex value and "New Colour") the rgb values change, about +/-10 for the g and b values. Which...
  17. Forestherd

    GMS 2.3+ surface_set_target() not working in HTML5

    Hello! I am currently trying to apply a water shader over the entirety of my game view. Here's what its supposed to look like (Windows). Water is rendered on the bottom half of the screen with a slight distortion effect: However, this effect does not render on the HTML5 export. Here's what it...
  18. aereddia

    Shaders Weird shader behavior [SOLVED]

    So I have this shader where I want to draw white diagonal lines across an image. Pretty simple stuff really, I'll even list the code here so you can see it. varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; uniform float degree; uniform vec4 uvs; uniform float u_time; //Basically just rotates...
  19. H

    SOLVED Question about Draw Pipeline (I think)

    In a case like this: // in Draw GUI surface_set_target ( blur_surface ) ; shader_set ( shd_blur ) ; draw_surface_stretched ( application_surface , 0 , 0 , blur_surface_width , blur_surface_height ) ; // where blur surface is smaller does the shader apply to the app_surface before or after it's...
  20. Tyg

    Shaders Neon Dreamz (path shader)

    UPDATED v1.12 Hello this is really cool A shader that uses paths, i don't know i just thought it would work and voila (the poor paths always get ignored) well this is another use for them why is this cool, Umm first its Neon and its made to work with gamemaker paths, so you can draw and edit...