1. G

    Shaders Simple shading shader help

    Hey guys! I've been trying to get my simple character shading shader working properly for my game, but I know nothing about building said shaders myself. Here's what I'm dealing with: varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; void main() { vec2 offset = vec2(0.005,0.0); vec3...
  2. Crimson

    GMS 2.3+ Setting Uniforms for Structs in Shaders

    So, I've got a shader, and it has a struct. I'm trying to pass through values with shader_set_uniform_f, and it's not doing anything. In the Fragment shader, I have: struct Moop { vec3 pos; vec3 rot; vec3 scale; }; uniform Moop moop; And in the creation event of the object...
  3. jf_knight

    Shaders Three-layer surface shader stack

    I'm implementing three surfaces and applying a shader to each. However, only the first and last shader seems to appear, the second does not. They are order-specific. Am I doing my shader stack wrong? obj_target DRAW event if !surface_exists(main_surface) { main_surface =...
  4. phillipPbor

    GMS 2.3+ Changing pallets

    I wonder if there was a cheaters code for changing palette of the screen of the game? Because I discovered the retro palettes swapper is pricey, so I wonder if there is an alternate way to make the shader that works like pixelated popes. I wanted help making a replica of the pallet swap code...
  5. P

    GML [SOLVED] Primitives stored in vertex buffers not being drawn to screen

    Hi. I am attempting to create a realtime lighting solution for my game. So far, I have been able to identify all the edges of my objects and have stored them in a list. I am using vertex buffers to store primitives that represent the shadows cast by these edges, but none appear to be drawn to...
  6. NeutronCat

    GMS 2 Generate noise texture with shader and retrieve its data in GML

    GM Version: GMS 2.3.1 (and all other GMS versions that support shaders, but some changes might be required) Target Platform: ALL that support shaders Download: Project File Links: GLSL Noise Algorithms Summary: In this tutorial you will create a Fractional Brownian motion (FBM) noise texture...
  7. jf_knight

    Shaders Implementing a tilt-shift/DOF shader with mouse interaction.

    If you're familiar with photo editing smartphone apps, you may have seen the "Tilt-shift" edit option. I'd like to recreate that effect. I'm primarily having problems with how the shader handles the mouse input; the mouse x and y move a non-blurred circle with the surrounding area is blurred. I...
  8. WanSou

    GMS 2.3+ How Do I Do Post Processing ?

    I've been trying to get that "Unity Post Processing" look to my game, something like this : all I need is just a simple glow around the platforms/player, but I can't find a way to do it... could someone help me with getting this effect ? I tried some glow shader already but it didn't look...
  9. jf_knight

    Shaders Glow shader

    I'm trying to implement a glow shader. I want to get the bloom effect without the accompanying "brightness" effect. What can I change to decrease this brightness intensity? It's based on this shader:
  10. Purple_Shy_Guy

    SOLVED I need to make the character blink after taking damage using a shader

    Hello everyone, I'm working on my first project and I need some help. I wanted to make the character blink (in white) during his invincibility time after taking damage. I created a shader for it and it kinda works. The only problem is that the character becomes white during the whole...
  11. jf_knight

    Shaders Image sharpen shader

    Hello. I'm writing an image sharpening filter in GM2 and need some assistance. I'm not getting any changes on my image when moving a slider tied to "Sharpen". Here's what I have; varying vec2 v_texcoord; uniform vec2 resolution; uniform float Sharpen; void main( ) { vec4 colour =...
  12. FatDazz

    Applying a shader to a camera and camera_set_end_script does not work.

    Hello, I would like to apply a shader on the view of a camera. My ideas for coding it, are as follow. For implied cameras I add a scripts to them at the beginning of the view and another at the end of the view. in the create Obj_Cameras: in the script script_begin: in the script...
  13. David Lorenz

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Apply shader to a single tile layer as a whole

    Hello everyone! I've been working with Game Maker for almost 2 years now, but I've barely touched shaders and surfaces. Lately I've started playing with both and found myself stuck very often. :/ I want to use a shader only on one tile layer, but I noticed that with the layer_shader and...
  14. FoxyOfJungle

    Asset - Shaders Realtime Gaussian Blur Shader & Pause Menu (GMS 1.4+ and GMS 2.3+)

    With only 1 shader it is possible to make the blur effect realtime, it is a Gaussian effect and does not use two pass blur. With the other shader, it is possible to have more control and several settings (suitable for the Pause Menu). All code is fully customizable, and fully commented...
  15. F

    Shaders HLSL Question About Sampling and Float Summing

    Hi all, I've been messing around with HLSL and ran into some issues with sampling. Before I describe it all I already know how to get my test shader to do what I want it to do, but I'm extremely confused as to why it doesn't work when I try to do it a different way and would really like to know...
  16. zendraw

    GMS 2 blend modes

    so we have a regular sprite with color, but we draw it with blend modes to be all white. can blend modes do that or do i need to make a shader?
  17. duran can

    How many shaders are there in this screenshot?

    You may have heard of the game "genshin impact", its graphics impress me a lot. How many shaders do you think there are on this screen? Can you write shaders know by name?
  18. D

    Android Shader Compilation Error on Android only

    Hi I am using a custom shader which is working fine on macOS platform. But when I try to run my game on Android, the shader_is_compiled() function results in false. My issue is that I am unable to find what is the shader compilation error on Android. There is no information in GMS studio...
  19. Finbox Entertainment

    Shaders [SOLVED] Shader uniform not passing the values to the shader on Android device

    Hello, I have the following code on my main object which draws the sprites. ####################### DRAW EVENT OF MAIN OBJECT ######################### shader_set(shd_colorchange); shader_set_uniform_f(shader_get_uniform(shd_colorchange, "u_v4_wantedColor"), 1.0, 0.0, 1.0)...
  20. Josi Craft's

    Asset - Shaders shader graph for gamemaker?

    are there any of you who know a program just like shader graph but for game maker studio 2.3