1. P

    GMS 2 How to properly setup SFX for Platformer

    Hello everybody, I am currently working on a small project called Sunset Forest game. And it is a platformer with only one room of 2560 x 1280 size. And I am currently trying to add sounds in it. I have sound effects made by a member of the team and I applied them using audio_listeners and...
  2. Japster

    MASSIVE Music and SFX pack bundle currently on the Humble Bundle site!

    I'm forever struggling for SFX and music I can (safely!) use in my games, and I've just grabbed this pack - I went for the whole deal, because, well, why not... :D There's some so-so content in there, but also some absolute gems! - all available for the buyer to put in ANY amount of their...
  3. William E.

    Audio "Game Audio Lookout" (music & sound design in games) & "Audio Essentials" Blogs

    Hi everyone, "Game Audio Lookout" is a series on how music and sound design in games work. I started out as a YouTube channel, but switched to a Medium blog now. Feel free to have a look at my current collection of articles: https://medium.com/game-audio-lookout Furthermore I started a new...
  4. afilionComposer

    Portfolio - Audio Afilion - Custom Music & Sound Design

    Hey guys! I am Afilion and I am a music composer and sound designer. My links: Portfolio/Website Twitter YouTube Soundcloud A bit about me! I go by Afilion but you can call me Justin. I specialize in custom music and sound design for video-games and trailers. A few credits: Super Smash...
  5. Maxim Grachev

    Portfolio - Audio $8/sound

    Hey everyone! Making unique sounds for $8 per sound effect. That's it :) Last projects I woked on: Game - YOUTUBE Animation - YOUTUBE Logo - YOUTUBE
  6. 2

    GM8 Extension, 2 (sfx and music) volumes, for Steam Game

    I've got an old GM8 game that might be impossible to convert to Studio. I'd like to have 2 separate volumes, one for music and one for audio, but GM8 doesn't natively allow this. I think I've narrowed down what might be good extensions for extending GM's audio capabilities. The three options...
  7. A

    Portfolio - Audio [FOR HIRE] Eduardo López | Composer

    Hello, My name is Eduardo López, I´m a profressioanl Composer for Games/Film/TV and Concert Music. I write music in pretty much any style of music needed and I´ve worked on over 5 titles on Unity and Unreal Engine and also done SFX for Games, Film and Media Advertising. I specialize in...
  8. G

    Legacy GM Limiting the repetition of a sound

    I have an object in my game which is a box that when touched, it activates a countdown and then explodes (Crash Bandicoot style). If there are other boxes close, they will explode immediately too. Now, whenever a box explodes, an explosion sound is played. But what if, let's say, eight boxes...
  9. G

     overall animation and fx

    I tried to make my character look as much bad ass and stupid as possible. Tell me if you like it or not and tell me why (and how I you think I can improve it). Thanks in advance for the reply (sorry for the low framerate on the record)
  10. M

    Design Synth Sound Tutorials?

    I'm trying to create synth sound effects that are often used for UI and High Tech effects. Here's some effects from random games to take as examples (Warning! Some are loud!): moongoatstudios.com/SynthCollage.mp3 I already have the needed software such as FL Studio and Audacity I can't find a...
  11. GmlProgrammer

    Asset - Scripts Realtime Sound Effect Generator [On Sale]

    Are you tired of spending hours just to find your in-game sound effects? Do your in-game sound effects double your game size, making it hard to compile and distribute? Do you think sfx providers are to expensive and do not provide exactly what you need? All this is about to change, with SFX GEN...
  12. J

    Portfolio - Audio I soundtrack [FREE] (I looking for experience :D)

    Hello, I will help you if you want in your music, without cost, I looking for experience!
  13. S

    Portfolio - Audio Cinematic space/fantasy composition and sound design

    I'm an Audio engineer and Producer from Las Vegas With my own record label. I have an affliction for star wars, mass effect, and I'm really amped for star citizen. I have an array of very signature sounds meant for large / action packed scenes. heres a link to my unreleased EP coming this...
  14. U

    Looking for SFX libraries

    Hi all! First time game maker here. I'm making a commercial project and I'm looking for crunchy 8/16 bit sfx for my game. Similar to Gameboy, GBC, NES and SNES games What libraries/sources would you recommend? I'm having difficulty locating sites that offer large libraries of sound that are for...
  15. amusudan

    Team Request In dire need of a sound designer.

    Hello everybody! Me and a couple of friends have been working on multiple games over the course of the last 2 years but neither of us have ever really been good at sound design. Now that we've all gained more experience with creating games and are really close to publishing our first ever...
  16. C

    Legacy GM music fade when sfx plays(how to avoid this) [SOLVED]

    hi when a sound effect plays the music fades down then back up when the sfx stop playing. The louder the sound effect the lower the music fades.(edit 2 i don't want this to happen) the music is handled by a persistent object. this is its step event: if overworld = true { if...
  17. M

    Portfolio - Audio SFX Designer/Composer/Audio Programmer

    Hi! My name is Matt Dear, I am a sound designer, composer and audio implementor. I've combined my two great passions of audio and gaming to create in-your-face, highly varied audio assets! Portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/matthewdear-1 Here are a few points about me: - I've been making audio...
  18. M

    Portfolio - Audio Free Background Music + SFX for your games!

    Hey everyone I have a lot of free background music and some sfx anyone can use. All I ask is to be credited somewhere in the game. Enjoy! My more recent stuff can be found on my soundcloud page. Just click the 'download' button under the songs and it should prompt an mp3 download...
  19. Z

    Portfolio - Audio Single Chrome Robot Looking for Next Game Fling

    Hey Babe, I've never really been much for long term collaboration. I usually move from project to project since most developers can't seem to keep up with me. Some might call me a serial monogameist. I'm really just looking for something light... a short term fling... a Game Jam even? So...