1. William Garrison

    Design Non Pixelart Game Resolutions

    Okay so my question is this...There are a blue million tuts on pixel art in GMS but what about non pixel games. Basically Im making a game that I cant upscale like a regular pixel art game. So how do you go about setting up the Room/Viewport/etc... Cant do it the pixel art way cause if it scales...
  2. G

    Windows Azure PlayFab - Setup

    Hello, can someone indicate me if there is a way on how to setup a project with PlayFab ( from Microsoft Azure ) for GMS2 Desktop ( Windows 10 )? If so how or is there any guide or instructions for this? Thank you
  3. Marko03970

    Problem with Android setup

    Can somebody tell me how to solve this problem?
  4. E

    Windows 3-Dimensional Camera Setup in GMS2?

    Hey people, I was just wondering as to how I would be able to set up a camera system that works in a three dimensional space in the latest version of GMS2. I have some prior experience with the D3D systems that were used in GMS1 but I've been told that there is a way to do this in GMS2 without...
  5. Levin Ward

    iOS Setting up IOS export problems

    I have had the IOS export for about a year (and still had no luck with setting it up or switching it out for PC) and had problems with communicating with the Mac computer for exporting. Gamemaker 2 notices the Mac and communicates with it but it displays that it found no devices (Ipads or...
  6. S

    GMS 2 3D mode

    I've just purchased studio 2 and have tried to work on my latest 3D game. I have noticed that 3D in studio 2 is quite different. Does anyone know of a step by step guide to setup 3D?
  7. M

    (Android) Setup Correctly

    Hi. What is the correctly Setup on "Global Games Settings" for: "TARGET SDK" "MIN SDK" "COMPILE SDK" "BUILD TOOLS" "SUPPORT LIB"
  8. C

    Setting Up Anroid. Need Help.

    Hey Guys! I have always used GameMaker for PC development. I finally want to get into the mobile world. I followed Shaun Spalding's Android setup video and have this error: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project...
  9. Roa

    Battle stations!

    All men on deck- post'm! I just got this new desk my father made and so I wanted to show off my setup. I know it may seem like I'm a spoiled rich kid, but honestly I'm super poor lol Most of this is hand me downs or collected over many many years, one peice at a time.
  10. Phil Strahl

    How I set up my GM projects

    I thought I record a short video outlining my ways of setting up Game Maker projects for myself and what's my reasoning behind the way I structure my code. In the end, it went beyond an hour and even after editing it didn't get much shorter. (Tip: Watch it at double speed!) I hope it's of...