1. zendraw

    Android Android settings

    I made a topic some time ago that i cant install apks on my phone with whatever settings, yet another dude can install them. no answer and problem still persists. do i need to do some settings on my phone or what? intresting thing is this started happening suddenly, and before i was able to...
  2. D

    SOLVED #region code folding

    Hey, I wonder if there is an option for the IDE to toggle remember/forget which #regions are folded and which ones are not, when closing and opening your project? Thanks in advance.
  3. matharoo

    GML GUI Tutorials: Buttons and Option Lists

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: All Download: Summary: In this series, I make tutorials about different GUI elements, which can be used in many different...
  4. R

    Windows Turn off "Remember this decision" for building executables.

    How the hell do i turn that off, i cant find the setting anywhere! and i cant build installers!
  5. I

    GMS 2 How to make a settings menu?

    So what I am trying to achieve is a settings menu in which the player can see which button does what, and also if he double clicks on it, he would be able to change the button to whatever he desires. This is what I've tried, but didn't seem to work. if (image_index = 0 and...
  6. EvanSki

     GMS 2, Layout Suggestion

    I think that there should be a setting to enable a Layout to be automatically loaded on the creation of a new project. So rather then starting a new project then having to open up where ever you put your layout.xml or make a new one, GMS should automatically load a user defined preset of a layout.
  7. I

    Question - IDE Splash screen not removable in IDE? Wasn't the case when using trial version.

    Hi there! I've been trying Game Maker 2 for the last couple of days and am thoroughly enjoying it. Just a moment ago, I upgraded to the Creator license. However, when I was using the trial version, I would not have a splash screen appear in the IDE when running my game. Now this suddenly does...
  8. G

    Question - IDE Disable syntax & error checking in Code Editor

    hey yall does anyone happen to know if there's a way to disable error checking in the code editor? the thing that puts red bands along the gutter and footer of the editor when it detects a problem, i mean. i thought it was possible but i can't find the option. i'm not sure if i'm remembering...
  9. S

    GMS 2 [HELP] Automatic image trim

    Hello, I'm currently using Matharoos Outline Shader from the market place. Im experiencing some problem with creating a "free border" around the sprites. it seems like GMS2 is automaticly trimming my sprites (same as using the Auto trim in the image editor) upon compiling for a test-run. Thus...
  10. N

    Question - IDE Undo-steps being wiped, when deselecting a window?

    I've recently transitioned from GM:S 1.4x to GM:S 2 due to the discontinuation of 1.4x, and there are a lot of things I don't get about the new interface.. My issue is: I've gotten into a habit of holding 'space' and dragging, to look around in my workspace. This seems like to the only way to...
  11. S

    Legacy GM Can't find MAC OS X tab in Global Game Settings

    I've had to re-name my game I'm developing for the iOS app store. However, going to File > Save As doesn't remove all traces of the old name, as the output folder created on my MAC is still named with the old name. I was told, from a bug report feedback, that in order to rename my game, I need...
  12. Consuming Octorocks

    GMS 2 Memory chewed up when window is resized.

    I'm trying to make my game have display options which you can resize the window in a menu. When I use window_set_size to change the display via button, the game runs ok for a few seconds but then slows down really hard. I have no idea what the issue is with it and even made it so every time you...
  13. Ricardo

    Question - IDE Changing sounds settings for multiple files

    Hey! I'm working on in a project that has a lot of sounds. With a lot I mean more than 600 small files. There's a way to "bulk" editing the settings of multiple sounds? The default settings GMS2 use when I drop the files in the resources tree doesn't fit out needs, and change the settings of...
  14. S

    Discussion No option to change background colour at room editor with tiles

    Have a suggestion. At the image editor I can setup colour of background at preferences. But I can't setup colours of background for tilesets. It's very hard for me to work with tiles on transparent default background. For example if I use bright tiles (like white+light grey) it's hard to see...
  15. W

    Legacy GM How to make menu that uses built in arrow keys that you click to 'select' pre-sets?

    Hey! I'm making a game where each time you kill an enemy you get a point. I now am making the menus. I want a screen/menu which you can change the maps by clicking on some arrow keys (Like Unreal Tournament '99). And you can change the spawn rate of the enemies and how likely some enemies are...
  16. mar_cuz

    Game Mechanics Game difficulty

    Hi all, How do you handle game difficulty as in easy, medium and hard levels? I'm making a sports game and was thinking I could have easy, medium and hard versions of opponent objects and load them accordingly. Then I thought I could have variables that relate to the difficulty. So for...
  17. jf_knight

    [solved]Full screen settings saving

    I want to have the user click a settings menu button and toggle through "full screen" and "windowed" settings (everyone is familiar with this common function, right?). I've encountered a problem where I can toggle through the settings but the change wont save (it reverts back to its default...
  18. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Demo [FREE] Simple Pause Menu v2

    SIMPLE PAUSE MENU v2- ( Marketplace or Itch ) Hello fellow Gamemaker Devs! This asset was created to alleviate the stress of adding a functional PauseMenu when starting a new game project. It includes working Settings, Sounds and Controller submenus that can be rearranged anyway you want...
  19. Gamerev147

    Legacy GM Graphics Menu With Saving?

    How could I make a graphics options menu similar to GTA? I would also need the settings to be saved to an INI file (obviously) and loaded back in as soon as the game starts. I've searched for quite a while for a tutorial on this but didn't find anything helpful. Anyone have any ideas or...
  20. M

    (Android) Setup Correctly

    Hi. What is the correctly Setup on "Global Games Settings" for: "TARGET SDK" "MIN SDK" "COMPILE SDK" "BUILD TOOLS" "SUPPORT LIB"