1. Pfap

    Determining which server region to connect to?

    How can I figure out which server region to connect to? I've previously asked this question on stack overflow and while I received useful information most of the suggestions wouldn't easily be applicable to a purely gml solution. Is there a marketplace asset that anybody knows of for location...
  2. Aver005

    Android To store the game data using Google API?

    Hello, I recently started making a game for Android. Now I'm learning the Google API. I have a question: 'Can I store player data on their servers, for example, as I think, through "achievement_"'? By "data" I mean the amount of game currency, game level of the player and his statistics. If...
  3. Turbulence421

    Windows Solved! Basic Question on Choosing a Server

    Hi everyone, This should be an easy question. I'm just terribly new to servers and there's something I'm struggling to figure out. I bought an asset on the Marketplace which lets you upload and download files from a server. It works by converting the files into buffer, and then an encrypted...