1. WanSou

    GML Node.JS Server Receiving "Random" Data Inside Of A Buffer

    Hello, I am trying to make a server in Node.JS. But whenever I sent a buffer from the game maker client the Node.JS server is receiving "Random" data and the real data and I don't really know : -if its the issue with Node.JS or Game Maker -what is this additional data that the server is...
  2. G

    Upload a game file to a web server

    Hello! I'm making a project where the player has to make an artwork while playing the game. My idea is that, when the game ends, it takes a screenshot of the player's masterpiece, send to a server so that It can be posted on a website, like a gallery. The screenshot I know can be saved using the...
  3. huenix

    Multiplayer Player Specific Objects/Layers with Networking Server Client issues....

    Hello..... i am making a multiplayer board game or sorts. What is done/working: -server/client buffers passed back/forth between each player (movement, sprites, etc) What I can't figure out and trying to do: -Player "A" and "B" are standing next to each other, both next to a room, with a...
  4. jackrucel

    Is it possible to change a Socket ID or chance how GameMaker generate Socket ID?

    Hi every one, I would like to know if is possible to change the Socket ID or change how GameMaker generate Socket ID for a server conection. I have a network_create_server() and a network_connect( ) on a separated project,a Server and a Client, every time a client connect to the server, the...
  5. PsychLantern

    How do I host my server application?

    Hello, I followed a networking tutorial that allowed me to build server and client applications, with both of them currently being located and hosted in my PC. I'm close to releasing the client applications and would like to have a server host the server application instead for testing purposes...
  6. FoufaDjo

    need help udp server

    my server send data only to my last active client and idk why here is my code: server creat event: var type = network_socket_udp; var port = 8000; socket = network_create_socket_ext(type,port); remote_port = 0; remote_ip = ""; var type = buffer_grow; var alignment = 1; send_buffer =...
  7. Pelican Police

    Multiplayer with no portforwarding or server. Only two or more clients directly connecting to each other

    So after seeing that other topic, I decided to test UDPHP. TL;DR, you can circumvent the need for a server if you just connect two sockets together. And holy crap, it works... 99% of the time... But what I'd love help with, is checking how often this works in the real world. Because there's no...
  8. Lakko

    GMS 2 Game maker server

    Hi, Is this still live and compatible with GMS2? Has anyone recently tried it? Thanks
  9. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM Saving and loading data to/from a server on the internet

    Greetings, I want my game client (every player's game client) to send and receive simple data to a server on the internet. For the sake of a simple example, a high score table. [1] What internet server, or internet server service exists to facilitate this? [2] Where can I find resources on...
  10. T

    Android Google Play - can not login if installed from Google Play Store

    Once my apk is uploaded to the Google Play Store (public accessable) I can no longer Login via achievement_login(); or open the leaderboard etc. I did: - add the 12 Digit App-Number (Client-ID) under "social" for Android - added the RSA key from DevTool "Services & APIs" MIIBIjANB….. in...
  11. H

    Discussion GMS2 suitable for cross platform browser based mmorpg?

    Hello community, as the title suggests I am curious if GMS2 is a suitable platform for a rather ambitious project I have been planning for a while now. I need the following Intuitive development environment that grows with my skill levels and the projects scope Be exportable in a format that...
  12. D

    Public (dedicated) server for GMS 2?

    Hey there, I'm working on a multiplayer game right now and I already have LAN multiplayer working so that one player would act like the host. Now, what exactly do I need to do when I want it to run on public servers 24/7? What would I need if I wanted to rent a server? Which programming...
  13. RizbIT

    Apple push notifications and server port

    making something for a client in iOS. I want to be able to use Apple push notifications. But to use them port 2195 outbounc needs to be open / forwarded for requests. but as client is with godaddy shared hosting they have said for security reasons they cant open those ports. Has anyone else...
  14. DonMaklesso

    Changing from TCP to UDP

    So basically I have a basic multiplayer (server - client) in my game running on TCP protocol, but I wanted to see how it works on UDP. But when I do this (change from tcp to udp) client can't connect to the server, like it entered wrong IP (same result). Could you please tell me if I should...
  15. Marko03970

    Server for multiplayer game

    Hi everyone, I want to make multiplayer game, I want to know what is the best programming language to use to make a server? I don't want to make it in gml, I want to make it in another programming language, and run it on my rented external server. So, what do you suggest me? Thanks
  16. M

    HTML5 How do I publish my game to the Chrome Web Store?

    Hi Gamemaker Community! I am currently working with GM:2 HTML edition. I would like to publish my game to the chrome web store as an extension but I don't know how to run the game locally. If someone could please reply that would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  17. M

    GMS 2 How to receive information from the server when game launches

    Hello dear community ! I have stacked with the problem that really bothers me and maybe someone can help with that. So I have a website with user log-in form and once the user will click on the login button I want to open the game and send information like : user email, user ID, user name etc...
  18. Jihl

    GMS 2 Socket question!

    Hey there! I have an unusual question about sockets. Is it only neccesary to use the network_destroy function when I need to change a socket type? When should I use this function in game maker? Does it have any importance if I want to connect to different servers over the time? Thanks!
  19. Jihl

    GML Network question

    Hey there all! I am getting a console message saying this: Client(1) Connected: ERROR: login failed And I quite don't understand the error since I've read and used the network system as best as I can and I have not found any information about this anywhere. Do anyone know what...
  20. Jihl

    Development Servers question

    Hey there! I need to make a mobile app, it has to communicate with a server in real time and I need this server to be online with a Google VPS virtual machine. Someone in the forum told me that, to run a GM's game executable (the server would be a desktop executable) you need a video card. So...