server hosting

  1. PsychLantern

    How do I host my server application?

    Hello, I followed a networking tutorial that allowed me to build server and client applications, with both of them currently being located and hosted in my PC. I'm close to releasing the client applications and would like to have a server host the server application instead for testing purposes...
  2. D

    Weird Networking Problem

    Hi, I'm working on local multiplayer right now and until a few days ago, I've always been able to host or join a session with my prototype. But now I'm getting the following error: ioctlsocket failed with error: -1 Error (0x 2736): Could not set socket option I've already set my network to...
  3. Carcophan

    HTML5 [Solved] Game not working in HTML5 mode, works in Windows

    Hello everyone. I have a working game file when running in Windows. I then compiled and exported to HTML5 and added to a Virtual Private Server within my own domain - but it is not working for me. I am able to get to the game itself online, I think, but it gets stuck on a black loading...
  4. RyanC

    GMS 2 Solution for coding and hosting user generated levels

    Hi All, Does anyone know the easiest way to set up a solution for hosting users levels so they can download, play, and rate each others levels. My game currently exports user generated levels as a string so the solution only needs to be able to store these strings. I was hoping to use...
  5. Y

    [SOLVED] UDP Ports

    Hi, im creating various .exe servers in windows with the function: SERVER_SOCKET = network_create_socket_ext(network_socket_udp,20000); But as im going to create various servers i need differents port, how can i know which ports are being used, so i dont use the same port for every program?
  6. ponotte

    GMS 2 What is the best language for making server for the game.

    so, i've been developing an game, wich is going to be MMO, i use udp on client and on the current server wich has been made with gms 2, but i know, gamemaker is bad for making servers, specially for MMO games. I have no clue where to start making the server and what language i should use...
  7. J

    Connecting my friends to my game through Hamachi? (Not asking how to network)

    I have programmed a monopoly game for just me and my friends to play because we love it, but we will all be at different colleges again soon. I have finished the networking part. I simply want to know how to let them connect safely. My game connects with TCP. One executable of the game serves...
  8. Drepple

    Destroying a server

    Hello, I am working on a project in which people can choose to host or join a server. If a client leaves he gets disconnected fine, but when the host leaves he has to restart the game if he wants to create a new server on the same port. So I assume game maker frees the port when the game is...
  9. C

    Legacy GM C# Server Example

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: Windows Download: Intro: So I was in need for a dedicated server for online matchmaking for my game. I found this old tutorial online:
  10. Jochum

    50 player - Multiplayer | Information?

    Hi everyone, I'm creating a multiplayer shooter game. The most game mechanics are ready but I've to add the most difficult part, multiplayer. I'm searching for a server system where I have multiple servers available which people can join. The process should go like this: 1. People push "Join...