1. gkri

    GMS 2.3+ Muting sound in premade (in asset browser) sequences?

    I have many sequences with sound (lip synced speech). Is there a way to mute them while the sequences are playing, without muting other audio like the music?
  2. R

    Help with layer_sequence_create

    I'm using layer_sequence_create to create a transition from one room to the next the code is -------------------------------------------------------------------- function TransitionPlaceSequence(_type) { if (layer_exists("transition")) layer_destroy("transition") var _lay =...
  3. FeetUpGaming

    GMS 2.3+ Sequence Object/Instance Struct

    Hey all, so i've been trying to figure this out for a while, using the forums google etc to find resources or documentation about it, but can't find anything. I have a sequence which plays as a cutscene and uses sprites. The sequence gets paused to wait for player input but this also pauses...
  4. U

    GMS 2.3+ Best practice to duplicate sequence objects at runtime

    Hello, In my title, I have several actions that might trigger an animation on screen, like a short cutscene describing an event. For those, I use sequences. However, part of those sequences must be adapted to the current context. In practice, it means I have to replace some sprites with the...
  5. MartinK12

    SOLVED Can I rotate sequences with code like layer_sequence_x/y ?

    I can't see this function in manual :(
  6. FeetUpGaming

    Windows Sequences - Game Maker Has Become Unstable

    So i'm trying to work with the new sequences but everytime i add an asset to the sequence i get the message that it's unstable and i have to restart. Did some testing and it happens every single time. But when i ignore the message and just continue working on it. Nothing is effected. It works...
  7. Bacon&Onions

    GMS 2.3+ Changing a sprite in a sequence

    I've been enjoying using sequences to make fluid animations. I have a project where I've been using sequences to animate a character, and I'd like to give the player the ability to customize their look. Chaining their hair or maybe give them a new item in their hand. Normally with a sprite I'd...
  8. konkrz

    GMS 2.3+ "sequence_instance_override_object" trouble - object disappears (possible bug?)

    I've just started fiddling around with sequences and they seem to have great potential but in my first try making the simplest thing I ran into a problem. As soon as I start the sequence, the original object instance becomes invisible (as it should) but it doesn't become visible again after the...
  9. Mehdi

    GMS 2.3+ Retrieve data from a sequence

    Hi everyone, As you may know in Game maker Studio 2.3 there is the fantastic feature of sequence. It's very easy to create a fresh sequence and add a sprite into it and then animating it. But what I need is to get the data of the sequence and apply that to an object instance. For example...
  10. D

    Can a sequence dynamically change path towards another object?

    I'll explain what I mean. For context, I'm working on a strategy RPG game and want an animation for one unit attacking another. The attack animation I want right now is simple - I just want the attacker to kinda bump into the unit they're attacking. Just a forward and back motion - if you've...
  11. N

    Drag And Drop [SOLVED] Frame by frame animation: Frame switching by pressing a button

    Hey there! I need to animate my intro sequence frame by frame and I want that every time a button is pressed it changes to one frame forward. How do I do that? The attached file is how I achieved this in Stencyl, but I don't know how to translate this into Game Maker Studios Drag and Drop...
  12. D

    Help Triggering Dialogue upon Entering a Room/Going to a certain Spot

    Hi everyone, I am having difficulty finding a way to automatically start up an event where if I were to walk inside a new room, once I go in there is a dialogue sequence between two people. I am new to GameMaker and there probably isn't a quick fix to this, but if you all could direct me to...