1. 2

    GML Get R,G, and B components of an image_blend value, Possible?

    Is there any function or way to get the individual r,g, and b components of the image_blend value of an object's sprite?
  2. S

    Spine Multiple Animations with separate speeds

    My question is if there exists somewhere in code for the skeleton spine object to have each of it's separate animations run at different speeds. For example: animation 1: you animate a scarf flowing in the wind that a person is wearing (flows at image_speed 2) animation 2: the person is...
  3. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 separate rectangular collision masks per sub image?

    will this ever be possible to do in the sprite editor? I really want to use objects as tiles since tiles are hardcoded at compile time however I need to use separate rectangular collision masks per sub image. this is because some of the subimages are not completely 16x16 rectangles and I want...
  4. Z


    Is there a way to detect if a certain script is within a category, currently I have this long "SWITCH FUNCTION" but does not work, I am planning to turn the variable to a text to test if it works. switch(skill_script) { case asset_get_index(scr_aim_triple_shot): max_aim_slot += 1...