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  1. 2

    Question - Uploading Paypal Personal or Business Account Needed for Selling, Yoyo Take Percentage of Revenue?

    I have some questions about selling things on the Marketplace. Does it matter whether you have a business or personal PayPal account to sell on the Marketplace? What percentage does Yoyo Games take of revenue?
  2. V

    Is This Legal To Sell?

    Hello All! I'm Val, a new community member as of today! I'm hoping to get some clarification from you GMC regulars on an issue I've been thinking about! I'm following along with some great tutorials from Friendly Cosmonaut (The Farming RPG Tutorial) and I am wondering if there are any...
  3. K12gamer

    Is there any way to buy someone's GameMaker license?

    I have GM 8, GM Studio 1 and GM Studio 2 I need GM Studio 1 with the UWP module. I heard there was a Humble Bundle a while back that was selling complete packages for $15. I missed that deal :( I have several educational games I wanted to export to the Windows App Store using the UWP module.
  4. Gamerev147

    Distribution Selling my Game? (I need honest advice!)

    So I've been getting ready to release my game King of the Craze. I took a good trip on the time machine and visited old projects that I thought were good at the time. They looked terrible compared to King of the Craze! However I was thinking, if I think my game is good, does that mean others...
  5. Anomaly

    Ready To Pitch My Game To Publisher

    Hi Guys, So, after about a month of using Game Maker, I've got pretty much the basics functionally working to demonstrate the concept of the game I'm wanting to make. ( AND I say "a month" to illustrate that it's a month strictly spending my time doing this, which is about to reach its end...