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  1. I

    Question - Account GMS2 mobile licence

    Where can I get my money back from GMS2 or can I sell GMS2 mobile licence?
  2. V

    Is This Legal To Sell?

    Hello All! I'm Val, a new community member as of today! I'm hoping to get some clarification from you GMC regulars on an issue I've been thinking about! I'm following along with some great tutorials from Friendly Cosmonaut (The Farming RPG Tutorial) and I am wondering if there are any...
  3. C

    Question - General marketplace user terms

    Hey there, I was looking for some stuff on the marketplace which could make developing a bit faster. Some of the assets there are linked with the user licenses, most are not. So I'm very unsure if I should use assets from the market in general because in worse case even paid assets couldn't fit...
  4. Y

    Opinion log in between pages

    hi I was not sure where to post it. when I am in the forums and click on a link to the marketplace ,I am not automatically logged in . sure it is not a big deal but I was just wondering : it can be fixed and make it more accessible for members to buy an asset without making you to rethink it ...
  5. D

    Asset - Graphics Question About Selling Backgrounds and Graphics.

    I'm planning to sell some graphics in a package on the marketplace (backgrounds, sprites and tile sets for platformers) Before I put anything up on the store, I'm wondering if anyone can offer some insight into the best way to package, organize and save sprites and background tile sets? After a...
  6. J

    Can I sell my games made in free GameMaker Edition?

    Hey there! So, I need money. My parents whant me to work whith them in the family's restaurant, but I wanna be Game Developer. Have no money, and whant to stay studying Game development in my university. My mother also whant me to study another thing, I'm getting a lot of pression right now, I...
  7. Danilo Provenzano

    Sellng a game/app

    Does anyone have previous experience in selling a game in a place different than a mobile market? i know Steam requires the greenlight approval if im not wrong, and my question is simply i want to sell a program that gives you a license key when you buy it. I look up at humble bundle, but...