1. Pelican Police

    How does ds_map_secure_save work?

    The documentation for ds_map_secure_save in GM2 states: IMPORTANT! One of the features of a secure saved file is that it is locked to the device that it was created on, so you cannot load a file saved on one device into a project running on another device. That's a pretty bold claim, so I was...
  2. K

    GMS 2.3+ Creating and storing complex enemy data

    I'm working on sort of a 1st-person 1-on-1 fighting game, involving attacking different parts of the body to deal different types of injuries and such. There would be a lot of different enemies with many different body types and sprites, and by extension, different "hardpoints" to attack. So...
  3. S

    Networking and Password Security

    I'm beginning the developing of an online RPG using C# and GMS2. Since users will store sensitive information on a database I have a few questions I would like to ask the community. Does GML have a built in CSPRNG? - On that note, why is it not recommended to use a regular random number...
  4. WimpyLlama

    Questions about multiplayer security and server speed

    I'm making a PVP/Tower Defense multiplayer game in GMS2 and I'm wondering how secure it is. What I mean by that is, if I store something like, for example, how much damage a weapon does on the client-side, is it possible/how easy is it for a hacker to hack the client and change that value to...
  5. F

    GMS 2 Network Security?

    Hello! I posted this earlier this week and went back on the thread, so I'm back again for help from the community. I'm currently developing a multiplayer game with a UDP server in Python. My issue is that I want to secure the communication between the game client in GMS 2 and my server in...
  6. G

    HTML5 Consumable items in HTML5 and how to prevent cheating?

    I was trying to figure out how to secure items amounts in HTML5, such as "gold" amount, and "money" amount. Since the player can change the codes whether using a cheat engine or directly changing it using the inspect element; assuming we use ini. So here is what I'd thought, I am gonna make the...
  7. Tionard

    Windows Can not login on the yoyogames

    Hello everyone! Recently I've bought a new SSD hard drive and installed fresh windows 10 on it. I don't know if it has something to do with it but I mention it just in case. I've installed game maker 2 in my steam and attempt to login, but got this error message: After that I went on...
  8. RyanC

    Android Saving Secure Game Data

    Hi Guys, I know this topic has been discussed a thousand times but I'd just like to ask if anyone can help me come to a solution for my game, as this is the only thing holding me back now. From my understanding there are many save game scripts in the market place that promise all kinds of...
  9. acidemic

    Asset - Scripts Fast & Secure File Encryption Scripts [Free] - Now supports opening encrypted .ini files

    Fast Crypt Ultra - Encrypt / Decrypt & Compress your files, game resources and .ini files super fast and secure! [ Marketplace Link ] This is a set of scripts for secure and fast file encryption and encoding. This bundle contains many scripts that provide various features. Please read top...
  10. XanthorXIII

    2FA for GameMaker

    A certain other group just had their forums hacked. Can I suggest putting in 2FA to head off any attack? Maybe review your password policies etc.... I know I'm going through and enabling 2FA on everything I can.
  11. L

    Asset - Scripts AES For Gamemaker

    LINK: AES for gamemaker is a free asset that anyone can use! It supports: ECB and CBC modes 128, 192 and 256 bit keys Hex and string formatting File encrypting/decrypting* Initialization vectors *Since Gamemaker studio is...
  12. C

    libpng library security vulnerability

    Hello My name is Constant from the Netherlands and I am using GameMaker Studio v1.4.1675 (r40508). I work on a Windows 7 pc 64-bit. I created an app and I choose "Create Application" for "Android". The .apk has been created correctly and the it works fine when I run it on my tablet or...
  13. D

    HTML5 Is an HTML5 published game secure from being copied?

    Hello, Just as asked on the post title. I was wondering whether the HTML5 games that are published on a webserver are protected from being copied alltogether or even modified. Let's imagine i publish an HTML5 game with just some Ads on the html page that contains the game: I guess in that...
  14. Freddy Jones

    Game Maker Multiplayer Games are "more" Unprotectable

    In the examples I'm about to provide, it is basically pointless to try and prevent people from hacking your game. The scenarios provided are assuming you're not using Game Maker as the server, but some other language. If you had made a multiplayer game in HTML5, it is very prone to be...