1. M

    Opening a new instance of the game

    Hi! I want to open an instance of the game while being in the game. (click a button then open a dedicated server in a new window) I've looked a bit on google but cant find nothing. Is it possible and if not, any ideas on how to solve the issue? Note that the game cant be launched twice!
  2. S

    GMS 2 Get speed causing sprites to change [solved]

    Evening all, Bit of a weird one. I am trying to find the game speed so that I can determine the length of a second. I used global.oneSecond = game_get_speed(gamespeed_fps) to do so. When I have that in place my game foes from this to this That means the sprite has changed (how?!) and...
  3. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] Random room position isn't really random and second client for the first spawns at 0,0

    Working on a top-down multiplayer game, with a server-client connection, blah, blah, you probably know the jazz by know... From the previous thread: "Made some bit of edits, the second player for the first player spawns at the position 0, 0... even though I've set the clients to spawn at a...
  4. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] Server crashes when a second client joins

    Uff, this is probably going to be extremely complicated... The title says it all, but there's a lot going on here. I will try to bring as little as possible in terms of registering and logging in, because I'm sure it's not related to the issue. But first, a visual depiction of the crash...