1. BoB3k

    GMS 2 [IDE] Is there a way to search through object instance in rooms?

    So, I'm trying to refactor some of my objects, and this includes renaming and moving around parents and such. One thing I haven't been able to find is a way to search for object instances that have been laid out in the room editor. I know how to do CTRL-Shift-F to find stuff in all of the...
  2. Appsurd

    Legacy GM Loading and searching in a 100k word list

    Hi guys, Before I forget, I use GMS1.4. For a couple of days I'm struggling with the following situation. I want to create a game like Wordfeud or Ruzzle where players can select or enter certain letters and I want to check whether the word they used is a valid word. Therefore I found online a...