1. I

    Android How to setup the Android SDK

    I am unsure of how to setup the Android SDK. I'm looking at this page and trying to figure it out. All three links to the website go to the same place, leading me to believe...
  2. amusudan

    Legacy GM Windows SDK required for windows (YYC) export

    Where can I find it? Apparently it's supposed to be included with visual studio 2012 but my internet is so slow (Getting 12kb/s at the time of writing this) that I would prefer to just have to download the SDK.
  3. RizbIT

    whatsapp api

    hi you know like in GMS third parties can make extensions that can extend the functionality of GMS can we do the same thing for whatsapp? I mean can me and you use some API or SDK to create plugins for Whatsapp ?
  4. C

    Steam Steam Achievements Api problem

    Hi everyone, I recently published a game on Steam (Fearful Symmetry), and I'm struggling to implement the achievements. I read the instructions many times, but something still seem to miss. I'm using gamer maker studio v1.4.1567. I read in another thread that there is an 'Enable Steam' option...
  5. Edu Shola

    Legacy GM HELP - Compile error with facebook extension

    Greetings, I use GMS 1.4.1760, I get this error in my compile window once i import facebook extension to my project, it compiles correctly without facebook functions or its extension. I just published a new game without issues but its without facebook I wonder whats the cause of this error...
  6. G

    Android Can't export apk

    I managed to update GameMaker Studio to version 1.4.1760 in order to surpass the libpng issue, but now I can't manage to export through the Android module. Whenever I try to export and apk, I get the following message in the Compile Form: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went...
  7. F

    Android it is impossible to compile for Android

    Here the output log: i'm using the last version of Gm:Studio and i'm coding on Windows 10. Also... I'm not able to update my sdk manager: I reinstalled twice the sdk manager, nothing was changed. Solutions?
  8. L

    Android compiling fails with compileReleaseJavaWithJavac in

    Since few days my code stopped compiling on both machines I work on and my only guess was some sort of update that broke it, as the previous versions that compiled ok, stopped. Initially I was getting "Error: A library uses the same package as this project:", which went...
  9. J

    Setting up Android SDK: Do I only need the latest Android packages or should I download everything f

    Sorry for the lengthy title. Also sorry in advance if I'm breaking the rules or posted in the wrong category. So I'm installing Android SDK to export my games to my Android. I'm following YoYo Games article but it's making me a bit confused about setting it up. It says that I only need "Android...
  10. D

    AdColony - SDK integation

    Hey, I have completed this tutorial But I have a problem with SDK AdColony library integration. I followed this guide - I used files in Game maker...
  11. RyanC

    Idea New solution for implementing MMO features using GameSparks

    I've noticed there's a really great solution for implementing MMO features using a service called GameSparks. The following link goes to a page where the developers say they would love to make a Game Maker SDK if only there was more demand for it. It seems like a great solution, as it's free...
  12. R

    Question - General Gamemaker v.1.4.1763 and Chartboost android-6.5.1 ext. how to?

    I¨am in serious problem to integrate a this extension to gamemaker. Can somebody explaine to me step by step how to i publish a game with right extension. This is not my first game but new sdk make me a problem. I dont get it where i must put some codes on what manifest, i need right...
  13. ShubhamBansod

    Android AdMob Banner not Showing

    Hey , AdMob doesn't work properly on my Game, It shows Interstitial Ads Properly and Banner Ads Doesn't Shows Up. Test Ads For banner Works Perfectly, but doesn't show up when i am not testing ads. I think problem is from the Old AdMob SDK !! When Will YOYO Update that? Thanks
  14. Zerb Games

    YYC Problems

    Upwards of 4 months ago I bought all the YYCs. I so far have only needed the Windows YYC, but it either never completes compilation even with a single object game that moves the object to the cursor, or gives me this error: I'm guessing I installed things wrong. Please tell me what I did wrong...
  15. P

    Android Google Play Services warning msg

    In my game I've enabled Google play Leaderboard and admob. Everything is working but when I am testing the game in console I am receiving this msg on each game run/restart: I/Ads ( 4864): Received log message: <Google:HTML> You are using version 7.6 of the Google Play Services Ads SDK...
  16. Michael Hart

    Android finished with non-zero exit value 1

    Can someone tell me what this means i cannot compile the android apk this is the error im getting * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':com.COMPANYNAME.APPNAME: processArmeabi-v7aReleaseResources'. >
  17. Still57

    Android Support Library missing in SDK Manager

    Hey everyone! I ran the SDK Manager today and it updated on its own. I downloaded the Android Support Library before but now I can't see it. It was under the extras section. I checked out the other sections as well but couldn't find it. In my Global Game Settings i use: Build Tools: 24.0.0...