1. Carloskhard

    Android 'SDK ADB tool does not exists' - Problem.

    I've been exporting games for Android for a whole year without problems but today suddenly Game Maker Studio gives me this error 'SDK ADB tool does not exists'. I guess I'll have to download all the sdk from android again? Anyone knows why this happened if nothing has changed? Thanks
  2. clee2005

    Does Android Build Tool version matter?

    Hey guys, I've been using Build Tools 25.0.2 for awhile, and it builds fine and goes to Google Play and Amazon Store fine... should I be using the latest tools? Same question with Support lib. I'm using 25.0.0. Is there an advantage to updating to the latest lib? What about Target SDK...
  3. T

    having trouble with stremworks SDK

    Having trouble with steamworks sdk , My game is already finished I have been using this tutorial to help me to upload the game but I dont understand well two scripts ap_build_AppID.vdf script and depotbuild config is there an example or another tutorial for both scripts thank you in advance
  4. N

    Job Offer - Programmer Third Party Sdk Integration

    Hi! I need a programmer that can help integrate some third party sdks/ Gamemaker extensions for me. These include integrating apis like Google Play Services but for other service providers. These apis are needed for subscription based services and in- app purchases. You will have 5-10 percent...
  5. P

    Questions about Android SDKs, Build Tools and APIs

    Hi, Trying to get the most optimal android build set-up, I have some (noob) questions that I can't find in the forums: 1: API 26 is currently installed. If I also want to support users with API 19 phones, do I need to install API 19 as well, or is it all "covered" in API 26? 2: Min SDK : 11...
  6. A

    Android gms 1.4 android export support

    Hello, My name is aregev2 and after four hrs of frustration i'm writing this. I have the android module, i'v installed android sdk WITH android studio (sdk manager by itself is outdated and not working), the least ndk, java jdk, and I cant make it to work. I saw lots of tutorials i cant find a...
  7. Pfap

    Steam Batch file problem

    Hello, When I run the batch file to upload to Steam I get this error: Assertion Failed: !m_bHaveLoginkey Has anyone else dealt with this?
  8. E

    Can't build anything for android because I get this error

    failed to find target with hash string 'android-24' in: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk I have everything installed. All the sdk tools and sub tools are there All the directions in gm are there but I keep on getting this. I followed some forums suggestions on how to solve it. one...
  9. T

    Android I have no idea how to create for Android

    I searched the forum and found nothing. I want to expand my games to android, and I have the module, but I don't know how to do the whole Android Studio thing. I've searched tutorials and all, but once I download Android Studio (and Java JDK) I have no idea where is the "Android SDK Manager"...
  10. The-any-Key

    Legacy GM (SOLVED) Android license agreements problems

    EDIT: Found the problem. I had 2 SDK folders. One on my external drive and one on C. I updated the wrong one :) ORG POST: I goth this error when I try export to Android: * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project ':com.companyname.EATestAPK'. > You have not accepted the license...
  11. zbox

    Portfolio - Programming Android (And all other platforms) Extensions - 10 Years of Experience

    Hi all! I'm looking for work specifically in regard to the implementation and creation of Android extensions, SDK's and more. I have a proven track record of professional work for many clients, and some of my public works include: CamSurface SMS Manager WebView Appsflyer Vungle Firebase...
  12. GameAnalytics

    Distribution Free Game Analytics for GameMaker

    Hello everybody, It's Chay here from GameAnalytics. I'm happy to announce that you can now integrate GameAnalytics with GameMaker studio. GameAnalytics is totally free of charge, developed specifically for games and only takes a few minutes to setup. You can read more about the release here...
  13. P

    Android [SOLVED]Trouble Running Android SDKManager for GMS2 Setup

    I'm on Windows 10. I'm attempting to follow the instructions at the official YoYo guide (I would link it but my account is too new). I've downloaded the Android SDK Command Line Tools but when I attempt to run "android.bat" the application doesn't open. I just see a black box appear for a split...
  14. zbox

    Asset - Service Android (And all other platforms) Extensions and SDK Implementation

    All other GM platforms available. Specializing in implementing 3rd party SDKs and libraries for your Android game. Current implementations (available on the Marketplace) include Firebase, Card Scanner, Barcode Scanner, WebView and Vungle. 10+ Years of Gamemaker experience plus extensive Java...
  15. D

    How to update SDK

    Hello! Im trying to upload a new game to Apple Store and I receive this messages: Missing Info.plist key - This app attempts to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app's Info.plist must contain an NSBluetoothPeripheralUsageDescription key with a string value...
  16. Carloskhard

    Android Signing key not found

    When creating the .apk for my game the compiler says this <<Signing key "name of my key" not found.>> What is the problem? I can't find any solution. Thanks
  17. RyanC

    Android Required API's - to compile for all Android platforms

    Hi All, I'm looking to release my game on just about every android platform from API level 16 (Jelly Bean) and above and was wondering which API's need to be installed for this. I was thinking of using: Target SDK: 23 Min SDK: 16 Compile SDK: 23 Support Lib: 23.2.1 Build Tools: 24 Does this...
  18. J

    Can not compile APK Android

    Hi! Hope you are doing good! And forward thanks for you time, I am trying to create a application for my Android phone, but when trying to compile i am giving a Compile error. After a lot of hours trying to fix it i can't find where it is going wrong, here is some data if you would like to...
  19. L

    Android sdk Manager

    hey, I am following this guide to setup Game Maker for Android. I downloaded the latest version of Android Studio but my sdk manager is different from the image in the tutorial Is it a user...
  20. A

    Android [Solved] Unable to build game "Android / Fire"

    For Android, I just installed JDK, SDK, and NDK, and made a keystore, but I'm not able to build my game. I have no programming background... so I don't know what to make of this error... I hope this is enough information from the log... Exception in thread "main"...