1. Scienitive

    Steam Steam API Setup

    Hi I am currently making a game on GMS2. I wanted to setup steam achievements and that stuff before applying to steamworks. * I downloaded the supported version of SteamWorks SDK which is version 142. * I setup the SDK location on GMS 2. (Preferences > Platform Settings > Steam) * I checked...
  2. N

    Android Deprecated Personalized Ad Consent SDK

    Hi, I received mail from google play console We have detected that your app includes the deprecated Personalized Ad Consent SDK, which is not approved for use in child-directed services. The SDK has been deprecated in favor of the User Messaging Platform SDK and must be updated. Apps in the...
  3. D

    Android Trouble with android compiling (armv7l, SDK 4.1.1)

    Hello, my app compiles perfectly fine with later versions of android (tested usually around SDK 24+). However I am trying to use an older phone which uses android 4.1.1 (SDK 16) and am getting this error: "Unable to find library for this devices architecture, which is armv7l, ensure you have...
  4. D

    Android Execution failed for task ''.

    Hello Everyone i'm Beginners I am really hoping someone is able to help I am not able to create an APK for my Android game due to the above error. (GMS 2.3+) "cmd" /c subst Z: "C:\Users\BOS\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE" elapsed time 00:00:00.1980141s for command "cmd"...
  5. B

    Android Can't run empty project: Build failed

    I would like to make my first steps towards making an android game and followed this yoyogames article on getting set up: I have since been trying to get a fresh, empty project to run on my phone but...
  6. A

    Steam Steam not initalizing on Mac OS

    Trying to get my steam build for OSX mac to work. I'm seeing this error in the console. Failed to copy Steam DLL - '/Users/arichardson/Documents/Development/space-game/sdk/redistributable_bin/osx32/libsteam_api.dylib' - SDK not installed properly? followed by a sting of attempts to access this...
  7. sercan

    Android Can't export android.

    Hi, Here is my setups. What am i missing? and here is output: Task W:\\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml:27:3-86:17 Warning: application@android:label was tagged at AndroidManifest.xml:27 to replace other declarations but no other...
  8. sercan

    Android Android SDK path cannot be found

    Suddenly Game Maker stopped finding the SDK folder in the determined directory. I am pretty sure the path is set correctly. I have changed nothing but it started to do this. I changed the location of SDK folder but still didn't work. I hope anyone faced this issue and has a solution.
  9. Gabriel Amici

    Android Issue making game run in Android

    When I try to compile my game using VM mode it interrupts compiling with the following error: I have tried to do the same thing in other projects and it works fine. I then examined all the Android Options to see if they matched between the two projects and they were identical. I will attach...
  10. W

    Android Game Maker 2 can't find NDK file

    I got Android Studio in an attempt to convert a Game Maker project over to Android. I downloaded the SDK, and Game Maker found that with no problem. I was using a tutorial online to do this and in it they just checked this box that had was labeled NDK in Android Studio, but when I went to check...
  11. J

    SDK Explanation?

    Hello, I’m new to GMS2 and have recently learned about SDKs. I’m a little confused about what they are and why they’re needed... Are they only necessary for publishing? Do you need to download an SDK before making a game or can you do it after when you’re ready to export? Edit: I am interested...
  12. FrostyCat

    Android Automated script for installing SDK dependencies (GMS 2.2.3 Windows)

    Automated script for installing SDK dependencies (GMS 2.2.3 Windows) There has been an uptick in SDK-related questions following the removal of Android Support Repository in Android Studio's SDK manager UI. In response, I have written an automated solution that attempts to resolve this. Main...
  13. TheCheeseMaster

    Mac OSX My Road to a Mac Port is Filled With Roadblocks

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of releasing my first game on Steam and am in "super learning mode". I've been trying to figure out Steamworks, SDK, and just generally how to get my game on the platform. Now, I've made some progress in those departments, however now I'm attempting to create...
  14. RizbIT

    google play services extension, android 9, play crash errors

    Updated an app and then changed the target sdk version from 26 to 28 as that will soon be a requirement on Play (min target version). Uploaded then from Android 9 user devices gets loads of crashes. The crash info is as: Now doing a bit of research found someone else who used Android Studio...
  15. E

    Android Any ideas about app monetization with GlobalHop?

    I'm nearly to release my first game and I'm looking for a good monetization method. I know a lot of people are offering to try admob but since I heard about GlobalHop I'm really keen to know more about it because I like the idea of ads free SDK. There is basically zero info about them on the net...
  16. E

    Android GMS2 different Minimum SDK showing up

    Hello, i just moved my GMS1.4 project to GMS2, when i export to android an error message appears in the output saying "android 14 is unsupported, using minimum supported version android 16.", the thing is the minimum SDK shown in "Game Options - Android" is 16, so why does it say android 14 is...
  17. RizbIT

    Android SDK Folder Size

    I have just tried to find the download link for Android SDK Manager (the exe that checks and lets you download the required tools and libs to compile Android apps) I couldnt find it anywhere, I can just find links for Android Studio and some command line only tools that dont have the SDK...
  18. T

    Steam build keeps wanting to install - will not run

    I have been stuck on this all day. Uploaded a build to Steam for the first time. At first I was using NSIS installer, but I switched to compressed zip, thinking that would solve my issue. Nope. When I try and run my game through Steam, it downloads OK. But when I click on the icon, the game...
  19. S

    Android integrating 3rd party SDK

    How would you go by integrating 3rd party SDK with gamemaker studio2? It must be something with extensions....but no clues yet.... Any help would be a huge help.
  20. N

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] Programmer(Taken)

    Hi! I need a programmer to make a payment sdk from scratch that does the following 1. Collects payment from a user to pay the game 2. Pays the user when the user has won a certain amount in the game 3. User can access his account across all platforms. 4. Sdk is for Gamemaker studio 1.4 Pay is...