1. M

    SOLVED Parallax Scrolling ... but with Instances

    Is it possible to create a parallax scrolling effect with an Instance Layer? It works fine with Background & Tile layers, but the Instance layers do not want to attach to my camera. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. duran can

    best way to CSS Overflow:hidden; ?

    In CSS "overflow: hidden;" What is the best way to make its feature in game maker?
  3. B

    GMS 2 Object flicker/stuttering when scrolling (low resolution)

    So I've recently started work on a 2D platformer which I originally planned to be made up of short level, single screen levels. It's really low-res: the viewport and camera are 300 x 169, and the player sprite is is 9 x 9. I figured this wouldn't matter too much with it being single screen...
  4. B

    Android Can't find how to put limits on scrolling implementation

    Hello all, I'm having a problem with scrolling. To implement a scrolling system I have followed this tutorial and I find it really cool, but I can't make my scroll to stop on his limits. Basically I wan't to populate a leaderboard and have a top scrolling limit, and a bottom scrolling limit...
  5. JasonTomLee

    HTML5 How do you prevent the page from scrolling when using the scroll-wheel ?

    Hello! I wanted to know if it was possible to prevent the page from scrolling when I use the scroll wheel inside the HTML5 game. Thanks!
  6. Krenzathal77

    Windows Double Dragon: Legacy (Fan made beat 'em up sequel)

    Hey folks, just thought it was time to share this project I've been working on. It's a fan made sequel to the Double Dragon series of arcade beat 'em up games and set 30 years later in modern times but keeping the retro aesthetic. As a huge beat 'em up fan myself, it came about after playing...
  7. PlayerOne

    Creating a scrolling menu V.2 [1D/2D]

    GM Version: GMS2 (unconfirmed if it works with GMS1) Version: 2.1 Links: None Downloads [GMS2]: Change Log: v2.0: Release v2.1: Added image, Fixed some text NOTICE: Due to...
  8. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension Scrolling Text Marquee

    is there a script or extension that lets you scroll text across screen within a predefined rectangle area?
  9. S

    Dragging y axis of an object with the mouse / Fake SMS page

    Hello ! I'm making a find phone game and, actually, i'm doing the SMS system. Anyone know how to make the scroll system? I tried with something like: When you click: sprite_set_offset(my_sprite,0, mouse_y); and after: y = mouse_y; <-- when held down This solution only works at the first click...
  10. J

    Windows How to move around in map creation

    Good afternoon, I have just started again after a long absence from D&D and have forgotten how to scroll around the map when placing tiles. Any help for a beginner would be appreciated. Josef Seibel aged 74 and having fun. Thanks
  11. S

    Stopping a background layer from tiling after a set amount of time

    I have 2 water layers underneath my vertically scrolling backgrounds and I want them to stop tiling at some point so that I can show some static layers underneath them. How do I do this?
  12. R

    Legacy GM Scrolling menu with drag n drop android

    Hello! as the title says I want to build a menu wich is scrollable and contains drag n drop element. There is games using this, but I don't know how to make it in GMS. My first idea was to just simply draw on a surface the menu elements, and calculate the swipe, and scroll according to it, but i...
  13. G

    GMS 2 Surface Draw Help

    Hello, I have a Game Maker Studio 2 IDE v2.1.2.257 Runtime v2.1.2.172. I need help solving/understanding surface draw, newbie programmer here. I have an room that is 1307 width and 5832 Height. An object called obj_view_control with a variable call camera and created a view 720w 1280h. camera...
  14. MMM

    Asset - Demo Game Maker Studio 1 and 2 Demos

    I working almost 8 years in Game Maker and I did over 20 games. And I can safely say that the Game Maker is my most favorite thing in the whole world! Recently I decided to make a few Game Maker assets because I am getting emails constantly about how did I do this or that. And I simply cannot...
  15. S


    Well, I'm trying to remake C++ programm in GMS. Everything is ok, but I have absolutely no idea how to make scrollbar. In C++ as I know you can just use scrollbar() function from library. Is it possible to transfer it in GMS as an DLL? If not - could you give me algorithm of how does scrollbar...
  16. M

    How to create a menu like in “idle balls”

    Hi, I was searching everywhere but could not find a way to make a scrollable menu in game maker like in the game “idle balls”. So maybe someone could get me on track or show some examples on how it should be done. Thanks.
  17. oldnoob

    Help with views and an overlay

    Dear all, I'm having real trouble trying to figure out the use of views. Ideally I'd like to have a my scrolling game screen on a TV overlay like this... So if I wanted the final output to be 640x480 and say the scrolling game screen to be 400x200 and positioned at 50,50 within that output...
  18. Simeon Arsov

    Windows Game Maker 2 won't let me scroll

    That's pretty much it. It won't let me scroll. I can scroll in my browser, explorer, anywhere except in game maker studio 2. I tried running as administrator, updating graphics, processor, disabling high DPHDHPI(or whatever) scaling, running on windows 7 compatibility mode and nothing works. I...
  19. MMM

    Asset - Demo Android scrolling page example

    Hi! I recently made android scrolling page example and uploaded it on a marketplace. This GMS1, GMS2 includes horizontal and vertical page scrolling with the mouse. The best uses for this system are interactive books and scrolling menus for Android games. :) Link for the Android scrolling...
  20. G

    Question - Code Scrolling list example?

    The most similar behaviour and appearance: The problem is started to learn and customise this control from market - it is impossible to use it. I have already rewrited ~90% of code and it still doesn't work properly. Does anybody have...