1. NTiger7

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Scroller won't work to change items in a shop

    IDE v. and runtime v So I'm trying make a shop for my game where the player presses the "w" key in the trigger area and then the shop opens up. It can display 3 items at a time and if there are more than 3 items then there is a scroller that will change the items that are...
  2. A

    Any tips on setting up a scrolling background similar to Spyhunter NES?

    I know how to create a scrolling star-field background with random generated pixels for stars, but I can't grasp a good approach on how to make scrollable tiles like the Spyhunter NES game. Not asking how to make a tile-set, but how would someone make the background scroll, and keep collisions...
  3. D

    Procedural Generation for infinite vertical scroller

    Hi all, I want to implement a procedural generation system for a vertical jump game I am making (a bit like doodle-jump) but I am unsure how to go about creating a procedural generation system similar to games like doodle-jump. From what I've seen from my searching many people are interested in...
  4. xXenocage

    HTML5 SpaceNight 2!

    SpaceNight II SpaceNight II it's a game that started as a joke with some friends but i kept updating it when it was "done". (not so proud of this "thing") at the beginning it was only just a white arrow shooting at red arrows coming down, now it's a quite badass looking space bullet hell...